• Assemble, evaluate, and disseminate to occupational and environmental health professionals information relevant to the uses of biological media to evaluate exposures.
  • Promote the detection, quantification, evaluation, and monitoring of occupational exposures to chemical, biological, and physical agents through analysis of biological media such as blood, urine, breath, hair, sweat, nails, feces, and sputum.
  • Actively participate in identifying and responding to biological monitoring issues.
  • Identify, evaluate, and comment on legislation, regulations, and guidelines involving human biological monitoring.

Biological Monitoring: A Practical Field Manual

The Biological Monitoring Committee prepared Biological Monitoring: A Practical Field Manual as a guide and reference for entry-level industrial hygienists and occupational health specialists. The committee tried to address many of the major issues according to the perspective of the industrial hygienist with as little technical content as possible at a level also appropriate for students studying for bachelor or science degrees. This guide, along with the most current methods for specific biological monitoring protocols and more theoretical texts, will enable the practicing professional to further excel in the conduct of good science in the field.

Biological Monitoring Committee Awards

  • AIHce 2014 Best Student Poster: "Improving exposure assessment methods by measuring breathing rates of farmworkers. " KN Navarro, B Simmons, A Bradman, JR Balmes. Dept Env Hlth Sci, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley.50 University Hall #736, Berkeley CA
  • AIHce 2013 Best Student Poster: "Lead and Mercury in Human Placenta and in Maternal and Cord Blood in the Republic of Korea." Yelim Park, Yeonhee Chu, Youngeun Choi. Dept. of Environmental Health Science, SoonchunHyang University, the Republic of Korea
  • AIHce 2012 Best Student Poster: "Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon levels in German tunnel workers exposed to diesel exhaust." F Boachie, G Talaska, MB Genter, P Succop, Dept Env Health ( Kettering Laboratory), University of Cincinnati
  • AIHce 2010 Best Student Poster: "Environmental and Biological Monitoring of Traffic-related Exposures to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Trujillo, Peru." Gideon St. Helen, University of Georgia, Athens, GA