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Scope of Work

Assisting EHS professionals to achieve their career aspirations, generating loyal AIHA members, and continue promoting the IH profession

Goals and Objectives

The committee assembles and disseminates job opportunities to the membership and clients to enhance industrial hygiene's future and presents the annual CareerAdvantage Development Fair at AIHce EXP.

  • Membership Diversity
    A committee is a diverse group of AIHA members with representation from consulting, government, industry, and academia.
  • Advocacy and Influence

    Since 1977, the Career and Employment Services Committee has been a valuable resource in connecting job seekers to careers in the industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety profession. The Committee assists AIHA members in identifying employment and career opportunities through CareerAdvantage, the reliable online job board to make your connection. Employers looking to find top-notch industrial hygienists and occupational and environmental health and safety professionals have always chosen Career Advantage Virtual Fair to post open positions and review more than 1,000 resumes in our database.

  • Outreach
    The committee works jointly with the Student and Early Career Professionals Committee to attract others to occupational and environmental health and safety careers.
  • Operational Excellence
    The committee uses the latest tools and resources to help industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety professionals find and maintain positions in the industry. Through their efforts, members receive career transition counseling, career transition counseling, personal mock interviewing, resume critiquing and improvement, free résumé postings, access to job listings, networking opportunities, and informative seminars and workshops.

Current Projects

The 2021 Career Advantage Virtual Fair features virtual sessions designed to help those in the occupational and environmental health and safety field advance their current careers and find and maintain positions in the industry. The Fair also provides an opportunity for employers and OEHS professionals to network and make valuable contacts.


The Career Advantage Virtual Fair offers employers and recruiters the tools to find ideal candidates to fill valuable positions. Companies and organizations who partake in the sponsorship opportunities at the Career Advantage Virtual Fair benefit from extra exposure and attract a greater number of prospective employees.

Job Seekers:

The Career Advantage Virtual Fair provides job seekers with career counseling, free résumé review and postings, and access to job listings and networking opportunities.

See yourself through an employer’s eyes when you meet virtually with an experienced hiring director during a mock interview. You will receive helpful feedback and learn the most effective presentation of skills, abilities, and professionalism. Reserve your slot today by contacting Wanda Barbour to schedule your own personal session.

Career Portfolio

How to Stand Out in an Interview or Performance Review: Have you ever been to a job interview where you were one of many candidates and left feeling like you needed an extra “something”? If so, a career portfolio is a perfect solution! This document collection showcases your characteristics, experience, accomplishments, knowledge, and skills with a more personal and unique approach. Not only can you use a career portfolio in an interview, but it is often useful when seeking a promotion, during performance reviews, and when changing careers or industries. It is best to start this collection early in your career; however, it is never too late. This session will review how to build your portfolio and is geared toward industrial hygienists and safety professionals at all career stages.

Looking for That First Job or Internship?

What You Need to Know: Looking for your first job or an internship can be challenging. Having guidance on how to prepare for your search and how to prepare for an interview is invaluable. What is essential? How do you find the right fit? Learn what you need to know from various perspectives: employer, human resources, and academia. Develop your search skills and gain a competitive advantage over your peers by joining this informative panel discussion for all you need to know to enhance your Job and internship knowledge.

Connect with other professionals during this virtual speed networking session. This is an opportunity to learn about AIHA’s Career and Employment Services Committee while interacting with those looking for employees and/or new opportunities. There will be prizes for the top networkers! Be sure to register by contacting Wanda Barbour for this fun and exciting networking event.

Resume Critiquing: For individual assistance with your résumé, CESC members offer résumé critiquing daily. Have your résumé ready at the Career Advantage Virtual Fair to sign up for a résumé critiquing session with an experienced hiring manager. You will get helpful feedback on style, length, focus, use of accomplishments and keywords, and more. Appointments are required. AIHA Career and Employment Services provide resume critiquing all year long.

Products Produced by the Group

Monthly Quick Takes articles focused on resumes and interviewing, Resume critiquing, Mock interviews with candidate feedback.

Group dynamics

Our members range from early career professionals to senior IHs, with a varied mix of IH/OEHS practitioners from industry, academia, government/military, and consulting. We are a friendly and active group with engaging virtual committee meetings. You can choose the level of involvement that fits your availability and earn CM points by:

  • Joining a project team and learn from each other while producing real-world solutions and tools to protect the health and safety of workers around the world.
  • Participate on monthly committee meetings—provide feedback, recommend areas to explore, communicate opportunities to collaborate.
  • One and done micro-volunteering tasks as the needs arise.
  • #IAMIH Challenge—public awareness and attracting the next generation of IH/OEHS professionals.
  • Mentorship and professional development.
  • Leadership development (serving as an officer of the group, project team leader).

Qualifications to Join

Members must be an AIHA member in good standing. If you are interested in learning more about membership, please visit