Goals and Objectives

  • Develop, share, evaluate, and disseminate materials to professional industrial hygienists, occupational and environmental health professionals, workplace and community leaders, and responder groups. In the responder community this includes but is not limited to law enforcement, fire, healthcare professionals, forensic laboratory personnel, and EMS. This information is directly related to enhancement of safety efforts among opioid responders. Additional materials will focus on assisting workplace leaders in preventing and responding to opioid use and misuse in their industries.
  • Maintain and update a resource list with hyperlinks to opioids’ articles and websites relevant to protection of emergency responders and opioid workplace issues. Some existing topic areas include personal protective equipment, existing opioid response guides, physical/chemical information on opioids, and opioid workplace opioid concerns.
  • Maintain and form new subgroups with different agendas to satisfy our indicated objectives.