A Time for Reflection: A Time for Action

By the end of May, 30 state legislatures are projected to adjourn for the year. While an end is in sight, much work remains. At the time this article was written, several states are working through bills of interest to AIHA. Recently in Florida, AIHA has been active in seeking to amend HB 415 and SB 1176 to clarify that industrial hygienists are included in the list of professionals authorized to work with dangerous goods and hazardous materials. 

In Texas, AIHA is working with our Local Sections and in partnership with the American Society of Safety Engineers, Institute for Safety and Health Management, and National Safety Council, to promote House Bill 2010, which would help reduce teen work-related injuries by encouraging school districts to develop a workplace safety program that could be included in a public school’s curriculum. Rather than spend limited resources to create a new program, our grassroots members and partners in other organizations suggest to key Texas legislators that school districts may wish to use existing resources, such as the Youth@Work–Talking Safety curriculum developed specifically for Texas schools, which includes course materials for eleven 45-minute sessions, and the Safety Matters health and safety program. Safety Matters was developed by subject matter experts from the NIOSH and AIHA. Both programs are 100% free and voluntary.