AIHA Responds to Congressional Hearing on Occupational Licensing Oversight

Members of President Donald J. Trump’s Administration and some Congressional Republicans have recently been railing against certain occupational licenses, which they view as unnecessary and anti-competitive. This is as another form of their drive for regulatory reform, and recently manifested as a hearing entitled “Occupational Licensing: Regulation and Competition”, held by the Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law, of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. AIHA was quick to respond to this hearing, submitting public testimony for the official record. 

To be clear, neither Members of Congress nor Administration officials have targeted the CIH® - and such professional designations might even be protected by these policymakers, who have indicated their support for designations related to health and safety.

Key messages from AIHA’s testimony include:

“AIHA does not believe that every professional should be required to obtain a CIH. Rather, those professionals who seek to stand out and clearly communicate their enhanced value to businesses, governments, and consumers should have the opportunity to do so through this distinction, which is itself a product of the supply and demand marketplace.

As we have seen – through AIHA’s own experiences and the Subcommittee’s recognized need for this hearing – markets and the people they are intended to serve are under near constant assault, yet they are vital to the American way of life, which is revered throughout the world. Consequently, because of their central role in a well-functioning market and their benefits to businesses, consumers, and governments, professional designations such as the CIH should be protected.”

This is clearly an area where further policymaker education and related engagement is warranted. Stay tuned, and send any information or suggestions you may have to Mark Ames at