Congress Pushes Funding Decisions Until the Week Before Christmas

The new date when Federal funding runs out is December 22, after Congress passed another short-term continuing resolution late last week. Immigration, disaster relief, healthcare, and spending on defense and non-defense programs are just some of the highly contentious issues that have forced this move, buying a bit more time for negotiations. Hopes aren’t high that much will change during the next couple of weeks, and a government shutdown remains a real possibility. Even if some tentative agreements are reached, Congress will almost certainly pass yet another short-term spending bill that continues the flow of government funds until January, when a longer-term deal is approved.

While much can change, at this point, the Senate’s funding numbers are better than the House’s, with most of AIHA’s priority programs and agencies (e.g., OSHA, MSHA, and NIOSH) proposed to be level-funded. We’re continuing to stay closely involved with Congressional developments, working with allied organizations, and preparing to issue action alerts to our members should threats or opportunities arise.​​​​​​