Government Relations Beta Group Launched

Success in government relations involves but a few elements: Relationships, grassroots organizing, specific policy proposals, messaging/storytelling, working with other groups, and dedicated persistence. This is the soul of AIHA’s new Government Relations Beta Group. The story of the Group begins with conversations between AIHA members and staff. Throughout the past several months, AIHA's CEO Lawrence Sloan, CAE, and Mark Ames, AIHA's Director of Government Relations, have toured the country, presenting to Local Sections as well as several Volunteer Groups at AIHce EXP, meeting with a great many members. During this time, they have spoken about the need for strategic focus and the power of AIHA's grassroots in government relations, asking “How can AIHA's members become more strategic in government relations to maximize the effectiveness of our limited resources?” You are both expert stakeholders and constituents – giving you tremendous power. If we are not organized, we may only achieve sporadic success, but if we are strategic, focused, consistent, and persistent we can realize significant, regular progress towards our goals. Over time, what emerged from these grassroots discussions was the identified need and decision to create a "Government Relations Beta Group​" in which this and related questions will be addressed.

To be clear, this experimental group is both a means for organizing and mobilizing AIHA’s members to achieve the Association’s objectives through government relations, and is also responsible for developing – in close collaboration with AIHA’s other volunteer groups – specific language for legislation and regulations at the Federal, State, and local levels.

The Beta Group is primordial – it is designed to evolve. Some things will work well and be expanded, while others will be found to be less than satisfactory and thus discarded. We should not be afraid of this evolution, and instead should welcome such guided experimentation. In like fashion, the specific activities of the Group will be determined based upon the passion and commitment of its members, while in every instance remaining in harmony with Board-sanctioned pronouncements.  

To-date, the Beta Group has over 100 members – and there’s no limit to how big it can go or to what we can achieve together. Getting interested? Sign up here!​