How to Take Action This Month- March 2018

March 12, 2018

Help Protect First Responders and Others from Opioid Exposures by Urging Your Policymakers to Introduce and Pass a Resolution Today!

The broader opioid epidemic afflicting our nation is also placing at risk the first responders and many other workers who we all depend on to help manage the consequences of this epidemic, and for our own personal safety and security. These workers are often caught unprepared, confronted with hazards on a scale and intensity never before seen. It is clear that they now need our help. In truth, it is nothing less than our obligation to repay the debt we owe to them for the services they provide, which allow us to live in peace of mind and body.

With the US Congress and many state and municipal legislatures and governments divided, we need a way to unite everyone that allows us to address the common threat of the opioid epidemic. Resolutions are an effective means of demonstrating support and raising awareness of this critical issue, while avoiding many of the pitfalls that have held back progress on other issues.

HR 809, a resolution in the Illinois General Assembly, serves as a bipartisan model that the US Congress, state legislatures and municipal governments should use to introduce their own resolutions to make progress in the fight to protect first responders and other workers from occupational exposure to opioids.

We need your help to encourage your members of Congress and state and municipal policymakers to introduce and pass similar resolutions. Take action today