Join AIHA's Government Relations Beta Group


Make​ a ​Difference by Joining AIHA’s N​ew Government Relations Beta Group 

Interested in taking an active role with policymakers at all levels of government to advance AIHA’s Mission and Vision? Join AIHA’s experimental Government Relations Beta Group! 

AIHA has launched a new Government Relations Beta Group, and is now inviting all AIHA members to join in helping to develop and refine the specific policies that are proposed. 

The specific activities of the Group ​​will be determined based upon the passion and commitment of its members, while in every instance remaining in harmony with Board-sanctioned pronouncements. 

Add your name and email address below to play a role in this fast-paced and exciting group! 

For additional information on the Beta Group, including any questions you may have, please contact Mark Ames, AIHA’s Director of Government Relations via email​ or 703-846-0730.​​​​