MultiState’s Lobbying Compliance Services

​What is the St​​ate Compliance Guide?

Overview of MultiState’s Lobbying Com​pliance Services 

In collaboration with the lawyers at Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, MultiState's range of compliance services capture extensive legal knowledge of federal, state, and municipal compliance laws to streamline the increasingly burdensome task of understanding jurisdictions’ rules and regulations as well as lobbying registration and reporting requirements. 

The State Compliance Guide 

Complying with each state’s (and municipalities’) unique lobbying laws is challenging to say the least, and, if not done properly, can lead to costly fines and penalties. To avoid such consequences, it is imperative for employers and, subsequently lobbyists, to understand the lobbying laws before entering a state capitol and before contacting an elected or appointed official or state employee. 

The online State Compliance Guide is a quick and easy resource to learn the rules and regulations of…

  • State and local lo​bbying laws;

  • Engaging with elected officials on Facebook and Twitter;
  • PAC contribution limits;
  • Gift-giving laws; and 
  • Pay-to-play laws.

The Guide is available online, at any time. It’s simple Question & Answer format enables clients to instantly access jurisdictions’ rules. The Guide is updated on a regular basis by MultiState’s in-house counsel, as well as our state and local legislative and regulatory policy experts and in coordination with Kelley Drye & Warren’s legal team.  

For example, MultiState can help you answer questions such as…

  • What is lobb​ying? 

  • What is not considered lobbying? 
  • Who is a lobbyist? 
  • Who is not considered to be a lobbyist? 
  • Who is a public official? 
  • When is registration required?
  • Are lobbyists required to wear a badge? 
  • Is ethics training required? 
  • Is procurement considered lobbying? 
  • What is considered a gift? 
  • When and what information do lobbyists and their employers have to disclose?
  • Is a direct message or a twe​et to a public official via Facebook or Twitter considering lobbying?

Who is MultiState? 

MultiState Associates Inc. was founded in 1984 to assist companies, trade and professional associations as well as public policy coalitions in efficiently meeting their state and local government relations needs. MultiState offers a wide array of services including: legislative and regulatory monitoring; local government alerts; federal, state, and local lobbying compliance services; research; state and local government procurement assistance; and legislative and administrative lobbying.  With a network of lobbyists in every state capital, major city, and U.S. territory, MultiState Associates has the ability to provide its clients with detailed and timely state government relations services.

Headquartered in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, MultiState’s team of over 60 professionals provides high-quality, reliable services to over 200 clients nationwide.​

State Compliance Guide