Senate Committee Holds Confirmation Hearing for OSHA Assistant Secretary-Nominee Scott Mugno

Expanding OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), support for enforcement, and an emphasis on cooperation between businesses and government were all expressed by Mr. Scott Mugno at his Senate confirmation hearing in early December. All of this was expected. He did give some indication for the concepts underpinning Total Worker Health®, but since this is a NIOSH program, it doesn’t mean much. He was pressed by Senators on matters such as press releases for serious violations, regulations and standards, but he more or less smoothly dodged these questions, providing tepid answers, saying he’d need to investigate matters further and speak with career staff should he be confirmed. 

And confirmed he will be.

Although he won’t please everyone, he didn’t make any major gaffes at the hearing and nothing has emerged from his past that would disqualify him. There’s no word yet on when he’ll be confirmed, but looking at the Congressional agenda and schedule, expect this to occur in late January or early February.