Teen Workplace Safety Picks Up Momentum!

How great would it be to have workplace safety taught or in some way discussed in every school across the Nation? Our members have responded to the call to protect our youth at work by meeting with State Legislatures to encourage the introduction of legislation instructing teen workplace safety in schools. At AIHA, we’re making consistent progress to encourage the use of Safety Matters in schools by meeting with State legislators across the country and asking them to introduce legislation similar to that which has been enacted in Texas and Oklahoma. Recently, Local Sections and leaders of AIHA’s Teen Workplace Safety Task Force have held meetings with State legislators and their staff in Colorado and Massachusetts, with promising results and action items coming from each meeting. 

Are you interested in setting up meetings with your State legislators to discuss the importance of teen workplace safety? If so, then contact Mark Ames, AIHA’s Director of Government Relations, at mames@aiha.org or 703-846-0730, and he’ll help you identify and contact your legislators, provide you with talking points, model legislation, and other useful information.​