The Successor to the Government Relations Beta Group

AIHA’s Government Relations Beta Group, created in June of this year, quickly found itself with more than 300 members, and spawned a number of subgroups. With what might be considered critical mass reached, and the clear need for more formality, the time had come for the Beta Group to evolve. The Beta Group’s new form is the ACTIONS (AIHA Coalition of Technical Influencers On New Solutions) Working Group. 

The core functions of the Beta Group and ACTIONS Working Group are fundamentally the same:

  • ​Implementing the current goals and proposing new goals and activities under AIHA’s Public Policy Priorities. This is done in collaboration with AIHA’s other volunteer groups.

  • Developing specific language for legislation and regulations at the Federal, State, and Local levels.

  • Organizing and mobilizing AIHA’s members for the purpose of achieving the Association’s objectives through government relations.

  • Advising AIHA’s Board of Directors on government relations matters.

The ACTIONS Working Group is open to both AIHA and non-AIHA members, which allows it to take more direct advantage of the expertise located throughout the OEHS professions. This is an energetic, exciting volunteer group – and you’re invited to join! If you’re interested in signing up, please contact Mark Ames at​ or 703-846-0730.