US Senate Bill Would Authorize $300 Million for Each of Five Years to Train First Responders, Others on Opioid Exposure Protection, Response

March 12, 2018

A bipartisan group of eight US senators has introduced the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) 2.0 (S.2456). First responders and “other key community sectors” would benefit from this bill, which calls for training and additional resources to protect them from exposure to fentanyl and other illicit drugs, including resources on how to respond should exposure occur. The bill would authorize $300 million for each of fiscal years 2019 through 2023 for these purposes.

CARA 2.0 still has a very long way to go, and in truth may not be voted on until late this year or sometime next year. Even so, with previously little attention paid to the need to protect first responders and others from occupational exposure to opioids, this bill represents an exceptionally positive step in the right direction. Summary information on CARA 2.0 can be found here.​