AIHA has joined forces with YellowBird, a nationwide gig economy marketplace focused on risk and environmental, health and safety professionals, to connect certified OEHS experts with companies who need their valuable services.

What is Yellowbird?

YellowBird is a professional gig platform that quickly and easily connects vetted and certified Environmental, Health, Safety, and Risk Professionals to opportunities on-demand. YellowBird uses matching technology to connect the right people, in the right location, with the right experience for the job. By partnering with AIHA, YellowBird has the opportunity to reach the most qualified industrial hygienists in the country!

How can you sign up?

Signing up for YellowBird is quick, easy, and best of all, it's free! It typically takes our Pros less than 3 minutes to register. Once registered, you'll complete our 4 step vetting process which includes a 15-minute conversation with a YellowBird employee, attending one of our virtual orientations for proper expectations, a background check and lastly providing your banking information so you can get paid!

YellowBird work is done on your terms. From Industrial Hygiene by the hour to air quality assessments to ergonomics and more, YellowBird provides gig opportunities to help supplement your income. With competitive pay, insurance coverage while on the job, and the ability to do the work the way you know how, YellowBird is a great opportunity to keep your skills sharp with new companies and gain more experience in a variety of industries.

To register as a YellowBird Professional, click here!