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Industrial Ergonomics and Case Studies

May 15, 2008     11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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Date: May 15, 2008
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
CM Points ABIH 0.5 CM points - #08-1174

R J Banks, MS, CIE, is a Board Certified Industrial Ergonomist and supervises the Ergonomics Services Unit in the Safety and Health Services Department of State Compensation Insurance Fund. R.J. directs a staff of field ergonomists, performs jobsite analysis, conducts education and awareness training, and assists employers in the development of their ergonomics programs. R.J. and the Ergonomics Services Unit have developed a number of educational materials to assist policyholders in reducing ergonomic injuries. The ergonomics CD "Ergonomics: How May We Help You?" and the new back injury prevention program, State Fund’s Back Connection®, are two examples of interactive state-of-the-art tools employers can use in ergonomic injury prevention. In 2005, R.J. was awarded the Governor’s Employee Safety Award due to her recognized ergonomics expertise.

Cost: $15.00 - AIHA SVS, Ergonomics Roundtable and Sacto ASSE members
$5.00 - student members
$35.00 - non-members
(includes lunch)
Lunch: Box lunch with a choice of Mr. Pickle’s sandwiches or salads:
SANDWICH: ___ Ham ___Roast Beef ___Salami ___ Turkey ___Pastrami ___Tuna

Choice of Cheese: ___Provolone ___Cheddar ___Swiss ___ American ___None

Bread: ___Sourdough ___Dutch __Sweet Roll ___Slice Wheat

Condiments: ___ Mayo ___ mustard ___ garlic sauce ___ lettuce ___ tomato ___ pickles ___ onions ___ peppers ___ Everything Everything means: Mayo, mustard, garlic sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and peppers

OR SALAD: ___ Green Salad ___Chef Salad ___Chicken Salad

___ No Box lunch/bring your own (deduct $10 from cost)
all entrees include chips, soda and cookies

Place: Cal/OSHA Training Room
2211 Park Towne Circle, Suite 5
Sacramento, CA 95825
Click here for directions by Yahoo!Maps
May 8th
By FAX to: Amalia Neidhardt at (916) 483-0572
Phone: (916) 574-1768
or mail to:
    Amalia Neidhardt MPH, CIH
    Senior Safety Engineer
    DOSH Research & Standard Health Unit
    2211 Park Towne Circle, Suite # 1.
    Sacramento, Ca. 95825
    or e-mail your request by filling in the information below......

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