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Established in 1980October 2000

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2000 Board

CIHC Representative:
Ed Klinenberg, CIH, PhD
Past Pres: Bill Collier, CIH
Secretary: Julia Smith, CIH
Treasurer: Mark Cameron, CIH
Alternate CIHC Representative:
Dirk Yamamto, PE
Director: Morie Oberg, CIH, PE
CIHC Representative: Steve Smith, CIH

Message from the President

I would first like to thank Morie Oberg for the wonderful tour he helped arrange for our section at Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). It was a great success! For those who couldn't attend, we received excellent briefings on the Atmosheric Release Advisory Capability (they were instrumental in helping characterize the environmental and health risk from the 1998 Tracy tire fire), respiratory fit testing, occupational health training, and HEPA filter limitations. The LLNL staff was extremely knowledgeable and more than happy to answer questions. The lunch at Stoneridge Winery was also superb. For all those who attended, the concensus was clear. We need more of these types of events! Perhaps, your facility could be next. If you would like to volunteer, please contact me.

Thanks to all who answered my request for input to the AIHA policy priorities data call. Our section's top ten government and scientific affairs public policy issues were: Biological Monitoring, Ergonomics Standard, OSHA Reform, Health and Safety Program Standard, Indoor Air Quality Standard, Permissible Exposure Limits, Health Care Reform, Workers Compensation, Noise/Hearing, and Pollution Prevention. Additional issues mentioned included: Clean Air and Water Acts, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, NAFTA, Professional Recognition, telecommuting, e-commerce, and contractor health and safety.

Finally, plan on being at our network meeting on Oct 26. This is a great chance to meet old and new friends, learn about your section, and pick up a tip or two. More information inside this newsletter. See you there!


Please send any address and e-mail updates to: rockyone@pacbell.net

NOTE: We are looking to go to an all electronic newsletter distribution. Please provide us with your current e-mail address so we can keep you informed.

From Our Last Board Meeting....

The Board met on September 5, 2000. The following items were discussed:
  • Election of board members. The following individuals are now formally elected to the board:
      Secretary:  Juli Smith
      Treasurer:  Mark Cameron
      Directors:  Dirk Yamamoto, Morie Oberg, Carol Barake
      CIHC Representatives:  Steve Smith, Ed Klinenberg, Dirk Yamamoto (Alternate)
  • Financial report and possible strategies to increase attendance at local section seminars and meetings. It was determined we would investigate selling advertising space on the Newsletter as a means to increase revenues along with obtaining corporate sponsors for our meetings.
  • Carol and Mark will work on developing a Supervisor's HazWoper Training Course to be presented sometime in Jan-March.


The CIHC Annual Symposium, to be held in Redondo Beach, CA from Dec 4-6 2000, will feature topics such as multi-employer work sites, multi-chemical sensitivities, toxicology of potent compounds, and latest engineering control strategies. Book your hotel room by calling (800) 368-9760 and referring to the CIHC Conference. For more information about the conference, the hotel, and scenic Redondo Beach, visit www.CIHConline.com or call the CIHC office at (916) 447-7341.

If you are interested in seeing any of the bills CIHC is reviewing, please visit the CIHC website at:

A CIHC conference call was held on September 7. A key issue discussed was the ABIH decision adding the Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist (CAIH) designation, eliminating the IHIT designation, and reducing the testing requirements for the CIH from two days to one. Ed Bartosh discussed these issues in detail at our July 21 meeting.

The CIHC is concerned that while the changes may make good technical and marketing sense, the changes may create confusion among legislators and their staffs who have become accustomed to the terms CIH and IHIT. This, in turn, will make the job of advocating pro-industrial hygiene issues even harder. The CIHC is working with the ABIH to resolve this issue. More to come.

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Results of the AIHA membership needs/satisfaction survey are posted on the AIHA site at: www.aiha.org/memsurv.html.

Results From the Local Section Needs Assessment

The local section needs assessment will be used to develop a template and materials for local sections to use in membership recruitment and increased member involvement.

Additional information about this survey and other AIHA initiatives is available at their website: www.aiha.org.

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If you've not been on the OSHA page in a while- check out the new "Worker's Page" at On September 8, OSHA clarified policy on use of air purifying respirators for diisocyanates. Previous to that, on July 18, 2000 OSHA issued an interpretative letter to clarify the use of APRs for chemicals with poor warning properties.

SMUD'S Energy & Technology Center

Located in Sacramento, the center's mission is "...to help our business customers perform better and our residential customers live better". The center offers a variety of educational seminars in a variety of areas such as industrial compressed air systems, indoor air quality, ventilation, and lighting. Courses are typically from $20-50. Check them out at: www.smud.org/etc or call 732-6738.

Mark These Dates!

Helpful Hints

Here is a simple list of tips you can use to keep employees involved in safety:


As a service to our members, we offer the opportunity to post employment announcements. Job ads will run for one month unless renewed.

Send your job announcements to:

        Larry Bellani, CIH
        State of California
        1304 O St. Rm 300
        Sacramento. CA 95814
        email: Larry.Bellani@dgs.ca.gov

State Personnel Board

24 Hour Job Info 916-445-0538
website: http://www.spb.ca.gov/

or see our Job Listings Page

    PAI Corporation - junior and senior industrial hygienists

    PAI Corporation is currently seeking junior and senior industrial hygienists to assist its team of industrial hygienists at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View California. Our activities are in support of NASA's mission to space in the fields of Astrobiology, Information Technology, and Airframe/Reentry Body research. The incumbents may be assigned responsibilities in the areas of hearing conservation, indoor air quality, toxic gas management, respiratory protection, confined space, local exhaust system, blood borne, sanitation, fixed gas detectors, carcinogens, baseline industrial hygiene, laser safety, IH training assignments, and emergency response duties.

    QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor's degree in engineering, science, safety, environmental science, health or industrial hygiene or equivalent combination of training and experience; two to five years of health and safety experience; demonstrated knowledge and interpretation of EPA and OSHA regulations; ability to effectively communicate with others and keep accurate records; competent with computer applications including word processing, spreadsheet and database software.

    PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Master's degree in engineering, science, safety, environmental science, health, or industrial hygiene or equivalent combination of training and experience; demonstrated knowledge and interpretation of OSHA regulations. Certification by the ABIH.

    This is a summary statement of the responsibilities and qualifications for this position. PAI Corporation offers an excellent starting salary and benefits package (i.e., 401(k) retirement, and medical/dental insurance.) For consideration, please send, fax, or email your resume and salary requirement, with cover letter to Bill Vermeere at MS/19-21 Moffett Field, CA 94035; fax (650) 604-2304; or bvermeere@mail.arc.nasa.gov. EOE.

    Ceil McCloy
    PAI Team  
    NASA Ames Research Center, M/S 19-21
      Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000
      Office: 650-604-6324
      Fax:   650-604-2034
      cmccloy@mail.arc.nasa.gov [10/13/00]

Articles From Our Members

You are encouraged to submit an article, job listing, or advertisement to Ed Klinenberg, editor. The Board or the newsletter editor does not edit articles submitted for this newsletter. They are the personal opinions of the author.

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It was first posted on October 14, 2000.