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Established in 1980March 2000

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2000 Board

President: Bill Collier, CIH
Past Pres: Audrey Eng
Pres. Elect: Ed Klinenberg, CIH, PhD
Secretary: Amalia Neidhardt, MPH. IHIT
Treasurer: Mark Cameron, CIH
Directors: Rick Beall, CIH
Larry Bellani, CIH
CIHC Representative: Ed Klinenberg

Message from the President

The March Board meeting focused on a discussion of what professional development or training classes should be set for the next year. We believe that we will have some exciting, educational and innovative programs from you in 2000. Although all of the classes are in the process of development, this is what we have so far:

  • Calibration Symposium on April 14, 2000. The program will include a review of calibration procedures of various pieces of industrial hygiene monitoring equipment. It will be held at McClellan Air Force Base. See the last page of the newsletter for details.

  • How do the Lobbying efforts of the CIHC & Sacramento Advocacy work; and AB 1127 legislation changes (July 21)?

  • Summer visit to the LLNL (August).

  • OSHA: the good, the bad and the ugly probably in the late Fall.

From the Treasurer:

    Mark Cameron reported that he had sent out dues notices. We will have approximately $5200.00 in the bank after collecting a significant portion of the member's dues for 2000. If you have not done so, please pay your dues as soon as possible.

    Special Note: If you are interested in being a board member or volunteer, we would like to hear from you. The new board members will take over in the month of June. This change was implemented due to a request from our parent association; to ensure that election cycles from of all local sections matched the national one. Many of the people who are currently on the board will not be able to continue. We have had a few volunteers. We need your help!!!!!!

Bill Collier

National News

President Clinton is pushing to implement a new ergonomic standard before his term ends - so stay tuned.


The Sacramento Valley Section is online. You can find the CM points in the calendar section for everything we've done for the last year and 1/2.

Visit our Website at: http://www.AIHA1.org/Sections/SVS/

Save a Tree. Get your newsletter off the web or by email. The board has recommended that newsletters be sent by electronic means when available. If you have a new email address please forward that information to Rocky Rockswold at rockyone@pacbell.net

CIHC Report - Steve Smith

The first CIHC meeting of the year 2000 will be here in Sacramento on March 30th. At that meeting your CIHC representatives will review the state legislation that is either still alive from last year or was newly introduced last month and could affect our profession.

One bill you maybe interested in is a safety engineer title protection bill (AB 2505) that appears to be patterned after a national ASSE model for title protection. There are over 30 other bills that we will also review in order to determine if CIHC needs to support, oppose, or watch this legislative session. If you are interested in seeing a copy of AB 2505 or any of the other bills we are reviewing, please visit the CIHC website at http://www.sacadvocacy.com/cihc/cihc.html.

Last fall, I updated you on an effort to get the state legislator that represents you to be aware of our profession and what concerns us. This Grassroots Legislative Outreach effort is still going on and I encourage you to get involved. To help educate our legislators, a PowerPoint presentation was developed entitled: What is an Industrial Hygienist? (Which you can also review on the CIHC website) If you have already met your legislator or would like to volunteer to attend such a meeting please contact our section's coordinator, Bill Collier at 707-446-4764 or by e-mail at kmcdbc@earthlink.net.

The 1999 legislative year produced a number of bills that could potentially impact our profession or relate to Industrial Hygiene. The CIHC website has a complete report on the final status of all the 1999 legislation that passed, including AB 1127 that reformed the Cal/OSHA program.

If you have any questions or need more detailed information on CIHC or the legislation being followed please contact your representatives: Steve Smith (274-5730) or Ed Klinenberg (643-0311).

Save a Tree. Get your newsletter off the web or by email or fax. The board has recommended that newsletters be sent by electronic means when available. If you have a new email address please forward that information to Rocky Rockswold. There are quite of number of members who have e-mail returned, please up date this. It saves us money, stamps and time and lots of time.

CIHC Update

Your local CIHC representatives are Ed Klinenberg or Steve Smith and you can call them if you need more information about CIHC.

Visit their web site at: http://www.sacadvocacy.com/cihc/cihc.html with the user name: cihc passcode: ***** [see your last printed newsletter for the passcode or contact (if you are a member) ebartosh@bartosh.com]

Alternate CIHC Representative

We are seeking a volunteer to be an alternate CIHC representative. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to make a difference in our state legislation or someone who just wants to see how our dues are spent.


The Board or this newsletter editor does not edit articles submitted for this column. They are the personal opinions of the author. You may submit an article or advertisement to Bill Collier editor, at kmcdbc@earthlink.net or fax (707) 447-6385.

Special News - We have a local section member running for the Board of the National AIHA. See attached letter from Betty Taylor.

We Wish Betty Taylor lots of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a reprint from last months' newsletter. However, I only got seven or eight responses. I need more.

To raise our dues, according to our bylaws, we have to vote. If over 50% of our members vote to increase the dues we will change our bylaws to indicate that our annual dues are now $25.

In truth the only reason we are raising our dues is that the CIHC has raise it dues/members to $25.00. We pass all of our dues on to CIHC. We have been able to consistently cover the cost of the SVS-AIHA out of the profits of our symposiums or lunch meetings and haven't needed to raise the dues. To my knowledge the dues have not been raised since 1980. See Article IX, Section 2.

If you are in favor of raising the dues to $25.00 check YES below. If not, check NO.

YES _________________        NO__________________




Phone and e-mail_________________________________

FAX to: 707-447-6385
The results will be listed in the next Newsletter.

(or you may use this web form to e-mail your ballot)

Vote to raise dues to $25.00 YES    NO

REPLY TO Email Address (loginname@domain.name): (REQUIRED)
Note: Be sure to use your complete email address
(e.g., login_name@domain.name)

Jobs Page

UC Davis has a Health and Safety position open. EH&S Specialist $3,558.33 - $5,691.67/Mo. Final Filing Date 03-28-00. Duties: general health and safety including radiation, biological and chemical safety. For general job information and how to apply: http://hr.ucdavis.edu/emp/eob.htm For details of the job: http://hr.ucdavis.edu/emp/jmvls/1315.htm

CalTrans has an Associate Industrial Hygienist position open. Salary: $4,244.00 - $5,116.00. Posted on 2/16/2000. Position Number- 045 - 3856 - XXX, Located in Sacramento.

 Contact Name/Phone
 1801 30TH STREET MS 9-5/12F
 916-227-8742 CALNET 498-8742 or Audrey Eng 916-227-8200.
Also, note that Cal-Osha and DTSC are currently looking for industrial hygienists and safety personnel.

Upcoming Activities

ASSE and RIMS conducting a PDC on March 17, 2000. 7:30AM - 4:00PM. The cost of the PDC is $75.00.

Go to www.mostsafety.com/asse.html for brochure and exact location. The PDC does include lunch

Local Section Activities

See attached flyer on our April 14, 2000 Calibration Symposium.

Statement from Betty Taylor

Dear AIHA Colleagues,


The ballots from the national AIHA were mailed out last week - so vote soon!!!!!!!!!

Betty has been a long time member of the Sacramento Valley Section and Past President. We should support her in this effort. It will ensure that we have a voice in the highest councils of the AIHA.

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It was first posted on March 16, 2000.