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Established in 1980March 8, 2002

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2002 Board

President: vacant
Past Pres and Acting Pres: Bill Collier, CIH
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: Mark Cameron, CIH
Director:Morie Oberg, CIH, PE
CIHC Representative: Looking for a volunteer to be wined and dined and represent us at the CIHC. Call any of the above to volunteer

Message from the Acting President

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

The last board meeting was on March 1, 2002. We have a nominating committee that is attempting to find someone to become the new president of the local section. The local section has about $4910.00 in the bank according to the the treasurer. However, we have not collected nearly all the dues nor have we paid CIHC for 2002. The next local section board meeting will be on April 12, 2002 at 11:30 AM on the Monterrey Cannery (off Arden) in Sacramento. If you're interested in working on the Board please come.


Monte Herr, who served for a number of years as our local AIHA Board Representative, is running for Vice-President this Spring. We would encourgage all local section members to vote for Monte in appreciation for the years of service of our local section.- Monte will give us a voice on the Board and hopefully move it in the right direction for 2003.

Certification Maintenance Points

AIHA Certification Points are included here in response to recent questions 2001-2002(as planned as of March 8, 2002)

I think there is little doubt that due to the work of Maurice Oberg, Mark Cameron and others we are the most active local section in the State and probably the nation. Many thanks to Maurice and Mark.

A CIHC report on new legislation will be in the April 2002 newsletter.

Please send any address and e-mail updates to: rockyone@pacbell.net

NOTE: We are looking to go to an all electronic newsletter distribution. Please provide us with your current e-mail address so we can keep you informed.

From Our Last Board Meeting....

The Board met on February 18, 2002. The following items were discussed:

Budget: We currently have $4910.00 in our bank account. We have not paid CIHC for the year 2002 but only about 40 members pay dues for 2002 so far.

We have been sending letters and e-mails out to around 120 listed members, ex-members and others. We will stop sending either to former members as of June 1, 2002.- So take note and pay your dues.


California State University, Sacramento’s Occupational Health and Safety program has been revised and expanded, effective Fall of 2002. In addition to offering a Bachelor of Science degree, the program will offer interested student the opportunity to obtain a minor in Occupational Health and Safety. The minor was developed for students interested in expanding their knowledge in the field of OH&S while completing an undergraduate degree in a related science or management related program.

Please contact Michael E. Nave at menave@csus.edu or (916) 278-6306 if your organization is interested in obtaining additional information on:


March 21 - "Bloodborne Pathogens" (See posted reservation form.

April 18 "Sampling and Analytical Error" (Also at the Buggywhip. Additional information will be provided as available.)

May 16 "Past Presidents Luncheon"with AIHA Board to meet with members and on "AIHA and other issues"

June 2002 - AIHCE in San Diego

September - Ron Wilson, San Francisco Airport on "Public Relations" (tentative) Currently, there is a Noise Monitoring Instrumentation Seminar in development. This will be scheduled in July or August. More details will be available next issue.

A note on the Sunshine Amendment

At the local SVS Board meeting we voted on including the following statement in the March newsletter. The local Board is neutral on this proposition. However, we feel all members should consider the implications of having a more open AIHA Board. The President of AIHA, Mr. Lick, is opposed to the Sunshine Amendment as is evident in the leading article in most recent issue of the Synergist. Many other AIHA Board members have expressed reservations about it.

In any event, read it for yourselves.


    This statement supports the "Sunshine Amendment" to the AIHA by-laws. It requires that individual members of the Board of Directors (BOD, all voting Officers) have their positions and votes on issues affecting the profession recorded in the meeting minutes, increasing the BOD accountability to the membership.

    Open Governance

    AIHA members elect the BOD as our profession's leaders; we expect that they will consistently work in our professional interest. At present, there is no mechanism for the members to track the Directors' activities. The minutes are a vague record of discussions, and there is no record of individual BOD member votes. While BOD meetings are open to the membership, it is not possible for most members to attend. The Sunshine Amendment would make all meetings of the BOD, and all of its subcommittees, 'open' to the members with more detailed minutes, discussion records, and roll call votes.

    The Sunshine Amendment opens the governance of the AIHA to membership evaluation, consistent with the greater accountability established in the public and private sectors. Public laws require openness via the Federal Freedom of Information Act, and State Sunshine Acts require disclosure of legislative and regulatory activities; both permit the public to understand and participate in the workings of government.

    Supporters of the Sunshine Amendment are of the opinion that public and private organizations function more in the interest of their constituents when there is openness in governance. With the Sunshine Amendment in place, the minutes will be an accurate reflection of the performance of each Director, providing a clear record of leaders who may seek additional positions within the AIHA. Such governance encourages and sustains greater dialogue on issues important to the profession.

    Voiced Objections/Voiced Responses

    Some BOD members have indicated that they feel 'harassed' by numerous members calls, e-mails, and letters on important issues; believing the harassment will increase with the Sunshine Amendment. We respond: volunteering to lead the profession necessarily results in the loss of some personal time and privacy in order to be responsive to the membership' should be solicited and welcomed on all the issues upon which the BOD deliberates and votes.

    Other Directors indicated that they may not be able to act freely; their professional opinions and votes recorded in the minutes may conflict with advice provided to their employers, or differs with their employer's public positions.

The Opponents respond:

    There may be an ethical dilemma by providing an employer advice that is different from the personal position taken within the Association on issues of worker protection, but this is independent of the Director's employer's public position. There is no violation of Cannon 2 of the AIHA's Code of Ethics if it is followed: "Counsel affected parties factually regarding potential health risks and precautions necessary to avoid adverse health effects."

    Critics of the Sunshine Amendment have also stated that it is too 'burdensome', requiring that more extensive minutes be created, to more accurately characterize the BOD's discussion and individual votes on critical issues. We respond: this is a small price for open and effective governance.

    Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis stated in 1914: "Sun light is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light is the most efficient policeman." (Other People's Money and How the Bankers Use It. Frederick A. Stokes Company, New York, 1914. P92.)

In Summary: Vote for the Sunshine Amendment

We urge you to vote for open governance and for increased BOD accountability to the membership by voting for the Sunshine Amendment.

Again, the local Board of the SVS is neutral on this amendment. However, we encourage all members to vote their consciences.

DON'T FORGET THE June 2002 - AIHCE in San Diego
Early Registration ends at the end of March

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It was first posted on February 24, 2002.