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Established in 1980February 1999

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1999 Board

President: Bill Collier
Past Pres: Audrey Eng
Pres. Elect: Ed Klinenberg
Secretary: Amalia Neidhardt
Treasurer: Mark Cameron
Directors: Rick Beall, Larry Bellani and Morie Oberg

March Mini-Symposium Meeting


ISO 14000
Understanding the Environmental Standards

Rossane Harding

Date: Friday, March 12, 1999
Time: 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Cost: $25
Place: Andiamo's Restaurant
Sacramento, California
RSVP: Phone to Audrey Eng (916) 654-5165
or Print and FAX this for back to: (916) 653-8752
or e-mail your request by filling on-line form......
ABIH CM points have been formally requested (0.5 CM).


I am looking forward to 1999 with enthusiasm. We have lots of instructive and fun activities planned for the new year. The first two activities of 1999 will be as follows. First, Roseanne Harding of Environmental Strategies will conduct a seminar on ISO 14000 on March 12, 1999. Second, Dr. Ed Klinenburg will conduct an ergonomics seminar on May 7, 1999.

A number of other programs, as well as, the fall symposium are already under development. However, we need your help to make this a successful year. If you have ideas on the types of programs and subjects that you would like to have training on or information about, please call me at 916-567-4245 or e-mail a note to: bill_collier@aquaalliance.com. I do want to hear from you.

In addition to the above, we plan to enhance the employment opportunity section of the newsletter by actively notifying potential employers of the availability for free advertising in our local section newsletter. Further, we intend to work with the ASSE and some local professional environmental organizations and have assigned Carol Barake, a board member, to attend all the meeting of these various organization and keep us all informed as to their activities as well. Finally, we will be asking local section members to attend a number of local activities, such as career days and governmental conferences, as part of our community outreach program.

I look forward to serving you all.

Bill Collier

Message from the Past-President

I would like to thank all of you for your support in 1998. I have passed the gavel on to Bill Collier, who has been my right arm for the past two years. I am confident that Bill and this year's board will serve you well. I will remain active in the local section as Past-President and newsletter editor.

Please continue to support our local section events and help us out when you can by writing a newsletter article, contributing your time at an outreach event or assisting with an event.

Thanks again, Audrey Eng

Secretary's Notes ...

JANUARY 12TH, 1999

Amalia Neidhardt

Mark Your Calendars!

National News

1999 AIHCE will be in Toronto, Canada June 5-11. You will be able to earn up to 6.5 CM points.

Check out their new web page at: http://www.aiha.org/aihce99/info.html


New Website:

The Sacramento Valley Section is online. Visit us at our new location: http://www.AIHA1.org/Sections/SVS/

Save a Tree. Get your newsletter off the web or by email. The board has recommended that newsletters be sent by electronic means when available. If you have a new email address please forward that information to Rocky Rockswold at rockyone@pacbell.net


Visit their web site at: http://www.sacadvocacy.com/cihc/cihc.html with the user name: cihc passcode: ***** [see your last printed newsletter for the passcode or contact (if you are a member) ebartosh@bartosh.com]

Please contact Ed Klinenberg or Steve Smith if you need more information about CIHC.

Alternate CIHC Representative

We are seeking a volunteer to be an alternate CIHC representative. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to make a difference in our state legislation or someone who just wants to see how our dues are spent.

CIHC Report

On December 16, 1998 the Board of the CIHC met in Costa Mesa to discuss the activities of the organization for the rest of 1998 and for 1999.

Items of Interest

  1. CIHC Treasurer's Report- The current balance of the CIHC is $15,000 with one local chapter still owing dues for 1998.
  2. The CIHC October conference at Sea was a success. However, the conference didn't make much money. The reason for this is of a large number of people (30+) who wanted to attend did not get to go on the boat because Carnival Cruise sold most of the rooms prior to the cut off day for registration.
  3. Bill Collier expressed some concern about the OSHA reform that will certainly be considered by the 106th Congress. The major concern is a potential increase in liability for industrial hygienist who perform third party reviews. A letter will be written to the AIHA board expressing these concerns.
  4. A subcommittee to the 5155 Advisory Committee is still reviewing language on what meets the definition of a health and safety professional. The ASSE has expressed some dissatisfaction with the definition that was proposed. We will advise you of the outcome.
  5. There is some concern on the apparent expansion of the scope of HUD requirements to commercial or public buildings. In addition, there is a question on the rational for lowering the TTLC for lead to levels specified in AB 2784. Various members of the CIH are writing letters to advise the legislature or administrative agency on these issues.
  6. The CIHC is attempting to get CIHs exempted from the requirement to attend 40-hr Hazwoper courses. The CIHC will be working with Aaron Trippler of national AIHA on this issue.
  7. Mr. Ed Klinenburg will be the CIHC representative from the Sacramento Valley Section for 1999.
  8. The CIHC will hold another conference on legal issues in either March or April. There are two reasons for this. First there were a large number of people who would have attended the conference in October if f they would have been able to get rooms on the boat. Second the reviews were very good for the program and their is a lot of demand to duplicate the program. All the previous speakers have committed to do the conference again. This conference will be held in either San Diego or Sacramento. Annoucements should come in the next few weeks.
  9. The CIHC will hold a fall conference. The most probable location is in San Francisco. Possible topics for the conference are: Ergonomics, Risk Management, Globalization, Regulation/Legislation, non -ionizing radiation, Selling IH services and yourself, laser safety, indoor air quality and training.

Bill Collier


As a service to our members, we offer the opportunity to post employment announcements. Job ads will run for one month unless renewed.

Send your job announcements to:

        Larry Bellani, CIH
        State of California
        1304 O St. Rm 300
        Sacramento. CA 95814
        email: lbellani@resd.ca.gov

State Personnel Board

24 Hour Job Info 916-445-0538
website: http://www.spb.ca.gov/


1999 Graduate Fellowship Programs

The US Dept. of Energy sponsors graduate level scholarships in Applied Health Physics, Civilian Radioactvie Waste Management, Global Change Education, Industrial Hygiene, and Fusion Energy Sciences.

The Program includes a monthly stipend, tuition and fees (partial to full payment), practicum dislocation allowance, pratical hands-on research experience at DOE or other government facilities, and travel expenses. Amalia Neidhardt, one of our own members, was a recipient of this graduate fellowship program.

For an application or more information you can contact:


Articles submitted for this column are not edited by the Board. They are the personal opinions of the author.

You may submit an article or advertisement to Audrey Eng, editor.

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Deadline for article submission for our Next Newsletter: March 26, 1999

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It was first posted on February 16, 1999.