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Mark Your Calendars!

2011 Meeting Planner
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January 11, 2011AIHA NCS Dinner Meeting - The Science of Odors
5:30 - 9:00pm
January 13, 2011SVS Sponsored event Speaker 1: Marley Hart, Executive Officer of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board :TBA
Speaker 2: Rick Beall, Entek Consulting Group, Inc. - Naturally Occurring Asbestos
ABIH 0.50 IH CM point #11-742
January 21, 2011
"What's Hot with Cal/OSHA in 2011", National Safety Management Society Golden Gate Chapter
  March 2, 2010AWMA - Health Impacts of World Trade Center Aerosols: Past, Present, and Predicted
Professor Tom Cahill from UC Davis
March 9, 2010E-A-R Hearing Conservation Seminar
San Ramon, California
ABIH CM points requested
March 10, 2011SVS Sponsored event Speaker 1: Hank McDermott, President of H.J. McDermott, topics: Cal-OSHA PEL Project and Maintaining IH Effectiveness in an Era of Reduced Resources
Speaker 2: Dave Kahane, CEO Forensic Analytical, Topic: Manganese in Welding Fumes
ABIH 0.50 IH CM point #11-2776
March 18, 2010AIHA BC Yukon Local Section - 2011 Conference and Annual General Meeting
ABIH CM points requested
 April 13-14, 2011California Safety, Health and Environmental Conference
Doubletree Hotel, Anaheim, CA
ABIH CM points equivalent of a maximum of 13 contact hours have been applied for.
Sponsored by the CA ASSE, CIHC and NorCal & OC Sect AIHA
 May 12, 2011SVS Sponsored event Technical tour of the waste water treatment plant in Elk Grove CA
ABIH 0.50 IH CM point #11-2775
May 14-19, 2011AIHce AIHce '11 - Portland, Oregon
ABIH CM points awarded
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   Advance Program
 June 13, 2011Nanoparticles and Skin - What to Believe and Why It is Important
Dr. Howard Maibach of UCSF
at California Dept of Public Health, Richmond, CA
 July 8, 2011Preventing Soft-Tissue Injuries
Jeff Tiedeman, CIE, CSP, ARM
NSMS, Golden Gate Chapter
at Hs Lordships on the Berkeley Marina, 199 Seawall Dr.
 August 11, 2011SVS Sponsored eventTechnical Tour of the Sacramento County Coronerís Office
ABIH 0.50 IH CM point #11-3772
September 9, 2011
"Adult Learning: Theory & Practice for Safety Success", National Safety Management Society Golden Gate Chapter
  October 13, 2011SVS Sponsored event "Green Chemistry - Regulations, Policy changes and Challenges" and "IH Involvement at a Large Shopping Mall Following a Fire"
ABIH 0.33 IH CM point #11-3927
 November 5-8, 2011AIHce PCIH '11 - Baltimore, Maryland
ABIH CM points awarded
November 18, 2011Safety Secrets for Survival
Jon Moldestad
NSMS, Golden Gate Chapter
at Hs Lordships on the Berkeley Marina, 199 Seawall Dr.
 December 5-7, 2011AIHce21st CIHC Conference
San Francisco
up to 3.0 ABIH CM points (.5 point per 1/2 day) to be applied
For more information go to www.CIHConline.com.
 On-line anytimeEthics Orientation for State Officials
ABIH 0.33 Ethics CM point #09-2932

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