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Mark Your Calendars!

2012 Meeting Planner
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January 12, 2012SVS Sponsored eventRescheduled for February
January 20, 2012
AB 2774, One Year Later, and Other Developments You May Have Missed, National Safety Management Society Golden Gate Chapter
  March 1, 2012
COEH Symposium "Matural and Man-made Disasters: The Public Health Response", COEH Continuing Education Program
March 8, 2012SVS Sponsored eventRussell Denney, Cal/OSHA Consultations Unit, Interesting Industrial Hygiene Cases in Construction and
Jack Storace, Air Sampling Logistics
  May 9, 2012
(date change)
SVS Sponsored eventFall Protection; second speaker TBA
May 23-25, 2012
Laser Vision "Laser Safety Officer Training" at E&J Gallo Co.
Contact Matthew Terrell, MS, CIH, CSP
 June 16-21, 2012AIHce AIHce '12 - Indianapolis, Indiana
ABIH CM points awarded
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  August 9, 2012SVS Sponsored eventMike Christensen, Ed.D., CIH, 'How leaders are made!' and Bob Senchy, Cal OSHA Enforcement, 'Heat Illness Prevention Inspections Results--Partial'
   October 11, 2012SVS Sponsored eventKristy Schultz, MS. HFE, CIE, 'Manually Moving Material and People' - A Unique Look at the Similarities and Differences and Steve Hackett, Napa County Safety Office, Disaster Preparation
October 27-31, 2012AIHA Fall Conference AIHA Fall Conference '12 - San Antonio, Texas
 December 2012AIHce22nd CIHC Conference

up to 3.0 ABIH CM points (.5 point per 1/2 day) to be applied
For more information go to www.CIHConline.com.
December 14, 2012SVS Sponsored eventStephen Hemperly, "Non-ionizing Radiation - A Review of Fundamentals"

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