Alamo Local Section (LS) of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) 

A Way to Network with Other OEHS Professionals in Your Area

Membership in the Alamo LS will do more than just keep you informed—it provides you with a total spectrum of activities that enhance your professional growth, while promoting the occupational health and safety field. 

what is a local section?

Local section is the term used by AIHA to designate regional chapters.  AIHA, the premier occupational health and safety association, has over 60 local sections throughout the United States, and 6 international sections.  Since each region may have their own special concerns, the activities of one local section may vary from another.  However, the purpose of each local section remains the same:

  • Protect the health and safety of workers and the community;

  • Increase knowledge of industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety in a specific region;

  • Promote the profession and cooperate with government, industrial, educational, and other professional bodies;

  • Share a concern about the health of workers worldwide as well as the special concerns of your regional area.  

what are the benefits of joining The Alamo LS?

Membership in an AIHA local section provides you with a wide range of networking opportunities in the occupational health and safety field.  AIHA national membership is not required in joining an AIHA local section, but membership in both organizations is strongly encouraged to maximize benefits. Just look at the opportunities our local sections can offer you:

  • Meet and network with other OEHS professionals in your region;

  • Sharpen your skills with professional development opportunities; 

  • Make key contacts and interact with local allied groups;

  • Learn or exchange best practices at local section meetings   

how do i join?

Joining is easy and costs just $10 per year (payable along with your national AIHA dues).  You can:

  • Just send any of the board members an e-mail (see the "Contact Us" page) with your:
        - Preferred e-mail (or mailing) address
        - Phone Number
        - Company or affiliation, and
        - Any other infomration you would like to provide; or

  • Mail a completed membership application to: Alamo LS AIHA, PO Box 33531, San Antonio, TX 78265-4241; or

  • Come to a Alamo Local Section Meeting and we'll get you set up!


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Last modified: October 3, 2011.