Finding a Consultant

Finding someone to provide Industrial Hygiene services can be a daunting task. Unlike doctors, lawyers, and even barbers and beauticians there is no governmental regulation of who can claim to be an "Industrial Hygienist".

One good test is to look for the designation, "Certified Industrial Hygienist", or "CIH". In Canada look for the designation "Registered Occupational Hygienist" or "ROH".

Another good method is to look in consultants listings from national professional societies. The American Industrial Hygiene Association maintains a consultants listing. Before using the list, however, be sure to read and understand the disclaimer:

You can also contact the officers of the local professional society sections and ask if they maintain a list of local area consultants.

Just remember that inclusion on a consultant's list is not a guarantee of competency. Ask for personal credentials and experience and references from other clients. Ask who will be doing your work - one of the principles in the organization or an associate. If samples will be collected ask what laboratory will be doing the analysis and if they are certified in that type of work. It would be a good idea to insist that the laboratory participate in the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC.


Last Modified: Friday, October 30, 2009