Teleweb Library

The local section has purchased some of the recent AIHA and ACGIH® TeleWebs on CD. We may use the recordings for meetings, but they are also available for local section members to check out at no charge.

The TeleWebs currently available are:
  • Secrets to Success: Preparing for the CIH Exam
  • Particle Size-Selective Sampling - What You Need To Know About Human Health Impacts
  • Cell Phones, Microwaves, Pacemakers and More… Nonionizing Radiation Myths and Realities
  • Mold: Exploring Sampling, Analysis and Data Interpretation
  • ACGIH® Webinar Part 1. TLV®s and Adjustments due to Workplace Conditions
  • ACGIH® Webinar Part 2. TLV®s and Adjustments due to Worker Conditions
Contact Kent Candee at or (515) 345-2728 to check out a CD.



Last Modified: Friday, June 12, 2008