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NEAIHA 2013 Past Events

New England AIHA Local Section December Technical Meeting

NEAIHA held its December Technical Meeting at the Crowne Plaza Boston located in Woburn, MA on December 18, 2013.  Three very engaging speakers presented unparalleled industrial hygiene topics to approximately 50 conference participants. 

Debra Dyleski-Najjar, Esq., President and founder of the Najjar Employment Law Group, P.C made a presentation on Workplace considerations regarding medical marijuana focused on legal aspects. Ms. Najjar's presentation was followed by a very instructive exchange between Ms. Najjar and Dr. Targino regarding legal and medical aspects of impairment in the workplace.


Alexis Sablock,CIH, Safety and Occupational Health Manager at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard made a presentation on the capabilities of the New England CBRNE Enhanced Response Force Package (CERFP).  During her presentation Ms. Sablock spoke about the different roles and capabilities that navy and civil forces will assume as emergency responders.

Dr. Targino ,Corporate Medical Director for Quadrant Health Strategies, made a presentation on medical marijuana and workplace implications.  Dr. Targino’s presentation was focused on medical considerations regarding medical marijuana use as well as impairment in the workplace.

This meeting is graciously sponsored by Mabbett & Associates, Inc.


New England AIHA Local Section 2013 All Day Industrial Hygiene Conference and Vendor Exhibition

NEAIHA held its All Day Conference and Vendor Exhibition at the Four Points by Sheraton located in Norwood, MA on October 22, 2013. Seven speakers presented current industrial hygiene topics to approximately 100 conference participants. In addition, representatives from 22 environmental and occupational health and safety companies were present with booths in the exhibition hall showcasing products and services for the industry.


Major Matthew Woolums, USAF National Guard, Massachusetts made a presentation on 1st Civil Support Team (CST) Weapons of Mass Destruction and mobile IH Labs. In his presentation Major Woolms spoke about CST’s mission, structure and capabilities including instrumentation for various contaminants detection and protective equipment. An IH mobile lab that serves the CST was present outside the meeting location and open to visitors.



If equipment inside the analytical laboratory system, courtesy of CST

Charles Redinger, PhD, CIH, AIHA Board Coordinator, Harvard, Massachusetts presented AIHA updates. In his presentation Mr. Redinger spoke about AIHA ‘s current state, envisioned future activities, product stewardship society, center for safety and health sustainability, ISO occupational health and safety management system.


Michael Ellenbecker, ScD, CIH, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Massachusetts presented an “EH&S update in nanotechnology”. During his presentation Mr. Ellenbecker covered terms definitions, presented a review of important aerosol concepts, toxicology update, and occupational hygiene update.


Beth L Bidstrup, of H2 Compliance, Inc., Slingerlands, New York, presented on US HazCom2012 and the impending deadlines in 2015 for manufacturers, suppliers, and employers.



Kerry-Ann Jaggassar, CIH at ENVIRON International, Boston, Massachusetts presented a Case Study: “Industrial Hygiene Survey Gas Utility Restoration in Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy”.

Also presenting was Erin L Higgins, MS, CIH at Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc., Needham, Massachusetts. Ms. Higgins presented on “Designing and Implementing a Best Practice IH Exposure Assessment Program: Case Studies from Healthcare and Biopharmaceutical Sector”.

Bonnie L Weeks, MS, CIH at ARIAD, Cambridge, Massachusetts moderated an Industrial Hygiene Ethics Seminar that fulfilled the ABIH CM points for the ethics requirement.


NEAIHA- June Technical Meeting


NEAIHA held a joint technical meeting with the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) in Waltham, Massachusetts at the Hilton Garden Inn on June 13, 2013.  Professionals from both organizations convened to participate in discussions and exceptional presentations with regards to managing crawlspaces, which are a common source of IAQ problems and energy loss.


Joseph Lstiburek, President, Building Sciences Corporation, Westford, MA presented: ”Understanding Wet Crawlspaces”. Mr. Lstiburek discussed the building science behind crawlspaces and provided effective strategies for managing crawlspace design issues.




Philip Terrell, CIH, President, Environmental Health, Inc., Dover, MA, presented “Case Studies in Wet Crawlspaces”. In his presentation, Mr. Terrell engaged participants with several case studies illustrating dynamic crawlspace problems and resolutions.   



NEAIHA- April Technical Meeting


NEAIHA held its April technical meeting at Ken’s Steak House in Framingham, Massachusetts on April 24, 2013.  Approximately 60 professionals attended, and were engaged by our two outstanding speakers, in discussions related to occupational noise control, vibration hazards in workplace environment, and multidrug resistant bacteria.


The meeting was graciously sponsored by:  


Rob Brauch, Business Unit Manager of Casella, CEL presented:”Update on Occupational Noise Control”, and “Vibration Hazards in Workplace Environments”.  In his two presentations Mr. Brauch spoke about current instrumentation used in noise and vibration monitoring, different international standards for noise and vibration action levels, and the benefit of having a uniform international standard.

Eileen McHale (left), Healthcare Associated Infection Coordinator, MA Department of Public Health; Rob Brauch (center) Casella, CEL; and Bart Ellingsen (right) NEAIHA President.

Eileen McHale presented “Multi Drug Resistant Bacteria and the Implications for EH&S Professionals/Update on the ‘Super Bug’”.  In her presentation Ms. McHale spoke about challenges that medical personnel and health and safety professionals are facing while dealing with multidrug resistant bacteria.

Joel Myerson of Safety, Inc. - safety equipment and portable instrumentation provider, cosponsored the meeting in collaboration with Casella CEL.  

NEAIHA- January Meeting Meeting Summary


NEAIHA- January Joint Meeting with Greater Boston ASSE

NEAIHA held its January technical meeting at the American Legion Hall-Post 156 in Waltham, Massachusetts on January 29, 2013.  Approximately 100 professionals attended, and were engaged by our three outstanding speakers, in discussions related to parameters of the Massachusetts - Fire Code 527 CMR 33, Legionella in workplace environments and safety in the construction field.

The meeting was graciously sponsored by  Envirotech Clean Air, Inc. http://www.breatheasier.com/



Debra Gursha, NEAIHA Secretary (left) and Bart Ellingsen, NEAIHA President (right) announcing the meeting agenda.

Mr. Tim Rodrique, Director at the State Fire Marshal's Office and at the Division of Fire Safety at Commonwealth of Massachusetts presented: “Parameters of the MA Fire Code, 527 CMR 33, Hazardous Material Process or Processing”, covering current regulations under the 527 CMR 33 and challenges in implementing the new proposed regulation.

Dr. Mittleman, Senior Managing Scientist in Exponent’s Health Sciences Center for Occupational and Environmental Health presented: “Legionella Updates to Workplace Environments”.  In his presentation Dr. Mittleman covered different work environments from hospitals and industrial facilities to space stations.

Dr. Mittleman, Senior Managing Scientist in Exponent’s Health Sciences Center for Occupational and Environmental Health presented: “Legionella Updates to Workplace Environments”.  In his presentation Dr. Mittleman covered different work environments from hospitals and industrial facilities to space stations.

Daniel Greenblatt, President of Envirotech Clean Air, Inc., meeting sponsor.




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