1. Check the calendar for upcoming AIHA section events and the individual Chesapeake and Potomac Section newsletters for current section news, events, and professional training courses of possible interest.

2. The Potomac Section has recently installed its officer and directors for the 2012-2013 term.  The officer are: Past President, Mark Tartaglia; President, Joe Jurinski; President-elect, Mark Tartaglia; Treasurer, Anish Ranpuria; Treasurer-elect, Bruce Donato; Secretary, Tim Dole; and Secretary-elect: Brian Yellin.  The Directors having two-year terms are as follows: expiring in 2013, Carolyn Onye and Kelly Scanlon; and, expiring in 2014, Mark McGowan and Mary Kay Snow   Congratulations and best wishes for a successful, upcoming year.

3. Over the next couple of months this web page is transitioning to another another server with a slightly different domain name, http://www.potomacaiha.org.   This page is presently live and content from this web is in the process of migration.  

4.  2013 DOE Chemical Safety and Lifecycle Management Workshop

The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS), in coordination with the Environment Safety and Health (ES&H) Working Group of the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG) is hosting the 15th Annual Chemical Safety and Lifecycle Management Workshop at the DOE Forrestal Building auditorium in Washington, DC, March 19-21, 2013.

The theme of this year’s Workshop is “Managing Chemicals Safely: Past, Present and Future.  Topics will highlight lessons learned from past chemical inventory management; current trends and best management practices; and future challenges and opportunities.  There will also be a training session on the implementation of the Globally Harmonized System for hazard communication.

There is no registration fee for attending the Workshop.  However, you must register by January 16, 2013, if you want to participate in person.  If you cannot attend in person the Workshop will also be broadcast via webinar.  Further information on the workshops, including an agenda and registration can be obtained by visiting:  http://www.hss.doe.gov/HealthSafety/WSHP/chem_safety/ws2013/index.html.  For more information, call Joe Hopkins at (301) 903-5619.


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