You Asked - We Listened

We take member feedback seriously. On our last member needs survey, we asked how AIHA could better serve members in their professional roles. Members responded with valuable information on their expanding workloads and having to do more with less, as well as ways we could support their needs. Here are some of the things members asked for and how we've addressed them to date.

More Convenient and Affordable Education

We've taken direct feedback from members and have launched a new series of webinars that better fit your busy schedule and are easier on your budget. We've also added a virtual conference feature to AIHce 2013 for members whose schedule or budget does not permit them to travel and a registration layaway payment plan for members who may have budget limitations.

A Wider View of Industry News

Members gave high praise to the news and information they receive from AIHA and asked if we could give an even bigger picture of what's going on throughout the industry. We launched AIHA News and Views e-news brief to provide members with relevant time-sensitive industry information. Combined with E-ssential Connection's coverage of government and regulatory agencies and The Synergist magazine's practical information on industry trends and key issues, members have an even more complete view of issues that affect their daily challenges.

Electronic Versions of Publications

Members wanted the flexibility and search capability that electronic publications provide, especially for our larget titles. In response, we've launched new PDF versions of all our publications. We've also bundled our printed books with their PDF counterpart so you can have the best of both worlds at a reduced cost.

Our Work Continues

More initiatives are underway based on direct member input. We're making significant upgrades to our website, including better mobile access, enhanced search capabilities and improved online communities so you can find the information you're looking for quickly whether you're in the office, in the field, or on-the-go. We'll keep you informed as these projects progress.
We continually ask members about their needs and the value of membership and we welcome any and all feedback so we can further support your role in protecting worker health.
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