Share Your Story is a new content submission campaign that provides a channel for OEHS/IH professionals to share how they are adapting to the pandemic and showcases some of the great work they are undertaking to ease the burden. We know that many OEHS/IHs were on the front lines of the pandemic as essential workers. We want you to share your stories. But we’re going to make it easy for you to do so:

  • Fill out the form below and press SUBMIT on or before 11:59 pm EST, Sunday, November 1.
  • Your application will be reviewed by AIHA staff and, if your application is selected, you will be contacted by email no later than November 10, 2020.
  • AIHA will conduct a brief phone interview to learn more about you and your story. There is no need to write anything beyond the short application form below. Leave the rest to us.

All or parts of your interview will be used as part of AIHA’s Brand Evolution public awareness efforts. Your story may appear in a feature story press release to the media, as a story on the AIHA website, in The Synergist, as a SynergistNOW blog, on the Catalyst, on our social media channels, in an I AM IH video, etc.

Take five minutes to fill out the form below with a brief 1-2 sentences about the story you are ready to tell. We will take it from there! REMEMBER: Your brief explanation must be entirely focused on aspects of you or your work as it relates to COVID-19. For example, How you/your company is adapting to change, helping others, stopping the spread, etc.

  • The topic should directly relate to COVID-19 and not promote a company or its products or services.
  • You will not be remunerated for participating in this campaign.
  • This is not a contest with no prizes awarded.
  • By filling in the form, you are giving AIHA staff permission to contact you.
  • If your application is not selected for an interview at this time, we will inform you as such and reserve the right to contact you at a later date.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Sue Marchese, Managing Director, Marketing and Communications AIHA