May 27, 2021

CareerAdvantage Spring 2021

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Your resume is your first impression to potential employers – and as a job seeker, it should be current and stand out from the competition.

AIHA's CareerAdvantage FREE Resume Critique service allows you to get your resume reviewed by experts with the same critical attention as potential employers. These experts will ensure your resume outlines your strengths and emphasizes vital skills to increase your chance of getting an interview.

Stand Out from the Competition

When applying for a job, you need more than luck to stand apart from other candidates. Hiring managers generally select four to six people to interview from the dozens of applications submitted. On American Industrial Hygiene Association, your application will be among a smaller, more qualified talent pool, increasing your chances of being selected.

Here are four tips for standing apart from other candidates:

1. Communicate accomplishment

2. Highlight soft-skills

3. Use keywords from the job description

4. Convey strengths in measurable ways

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Job hunting? If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, make a change, or are just starting your career search, keep AIHA's CareerAdvantage in mind.

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