August 27, 2021

CareerAdvantage Summer 2021

Be Prepared for Self-Promotion!

Self-promotion is a skill that is practiced and built upon throughout your career. It is important to know how to strategically introduce yourself and be prepared to share one work-related accomplishment you are proud of with colleagues or peers you connect with on a regular basis and on short notice. Benefits of self-promotion include influencing your career path, getting deserved recognition for your work, showcasing the importance of your work, and getting noticed! You cannot rely on others to always do this for you.

It is a misconception that others will always assume you are bragging or putting others down when you self-promote, as long as you do it in an honest way and with the goal of relaying your story to others. Some believe self-promotion to be risky, but it is important to take advantage of the opportunities that arise to self-promote in order to advance your career. Interestingly, there are even gender factors that influence one’s likelihood of self-promotion. Studies have shown that women consistently rated their performance on a test lower than men, even when both groups had the same average score. Even more surprising is that women still self-promoted less than men even when told that an employer would use their self-evaluation to decide whether to hire them and what to pay them.

Here are some tips to remember when you do promote yourself:

1) Take advantage of important opportunities for self-promotion (for example, before or after work calls, in hallways, or during meetings targeted to your audience). Initiating conversations presents another opportunity for self-promotion.

2) Use the opportunity to share your passions and the impact your work has on the organization.

3) Use a pitch. This includes preparing one, doing a pitch, and then continuing to practice it.

4) Be strategic in how you self-promote to realize the payoffs.

Your pitch should be the foundation of your self-promotion strategy, and you should have many versions ready for different people and different group sizes. A small group or one-on-one can be up to two minutes, an “elevator speech” should be less than 30 seconds, and a roundtable introduction should only be about 10 seconds. A pitch should include four parts: who you are and what you do, what you are currently focused on, what you have learned, and what you want to do next. It is that simple! Now construct your speech and start practicing!

Isabel Bacarella, MPH, CIH, CSP

5 Tips for Landing Your Dream Position in 2021

AIHA's CareerAdvantage is here to help you focus your job search efforts for landing your dream job. Top industry employers are looking for leading talent, just like you, for their open jobs.

Here are 5 quick tips for landing your dream job:

1. Update your resume. Recent accomplishments, newly acquired skills, and current position title are a few updates that should be made to your resume at least once a year.

2. Apply to five jobs a week. Use job search filters to find new positions each week to apply to. Create a job alert and have newly posted jobs directly in your inbox.

3. Setup a mock interview. Whether it's with the mirror, a housemate, or a professional job coach, take time to practice answering the most commonly asked interview questions.

4. Increase your online presence. If you are looking for content to share on your professional channels, consider sharing topical articles and jobs you aren't applying for, to keep yourself top of mind with your professional colleagues.

5. Make five new professional connections. Ask these individuals about their jobs and the company they work for to develop a relationship. Leverage these contacts as references or referrals when the time is right.

Check out AIHA's Career Center for featured jobs and more! You can now set up Job Alerts to notify you when new positions are posted, using our robust search filters. Set up a Job Alert to have relevant, newly posted jobs sent directly to your inbox, and be the first to see and apply to those open opportunities. An uploaded resume in your job seeker account makes applying quick and easy.

Here’s how to set up a Job Alert:

  • Search for jobs and apply filters to view posts relevant to you.
  • When the jobs populate, enter your email address on the pop-up window.
  • Once completed, you will receive an email asking you to activate the job alert.
  • Click the link to receive emails containing only jobs that match your criteria.

Quick Tips for Better Resumes

Here are 3 resume tips to help you land that interview:
1. Focus. Your resume must target a specific job function and include only your most relevant work experience.
2. Show results. Just listing tasks you’ve performed doesn’t answer “So what?” Make sure employers understand the results you’ve achieved.
3. Be concise. Highlight your accomplishments but also leave the reader wanting to learn more about you. A recruiter will be intrigued to reach out for an interview.

Are you considering adding a portfolio to your application? Watch this presentation from this year's AIHce EXP 2021 CareerAdvantage Fair for some more tips on how to effectively build a better portfolio!

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