November 4, 2021

CareerAdvantage - Winter 2021

Am I Really Retired?

by Thomas L. Bank, CIH, CSP, FAIHA

Have you retired, or do you plan to retire, from practicing as an industrial hygienist or occupational and environmental health and safety professional? If so, what happens now?

I expected to walk away from work to volunteer with the Scouts BSA, spend time with my grandkids, and enjoy being at home with my wife. Sure enough, I spent the first couple of weeks attending a nephew’s wedding in Las Vegas, touring national parks, and visiting family in Utah. But then my employer made me an offer I could not refuse: I became a part-time casual employee to help fill gaps in staffing, prepare for projects, and serve as a reference source. This is one way to stay active in the IH/OEHS profession and make a little money.

Volunteering is another way to stay active during retirement. While working part-time for my employer, I have also had more time to volunteer with the Scouts, serve on the Risk Committee, and remain active on the Career and Employment Services Committee, through which I help still-active IH/OEHS professionals make career choices. I have also found ways to continue my education in retirement through webinars, local educational opportunities, and by reading—although, by this point in the pandemic, I admit I am getting a little video fatigued from online learning.

Retirement is also a great opportunity to reach out to a local university that has a small business center. Retired IH/OEHS professionals have a lot of knowledge to provide to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations protect their employees and volunteers. Several AIHA local sections have helped semi-retired professionals provide seminars and offer assistance to these types of organizations.

Even if you’re retired, there is always a way to stay active in IH/OEHS but be sure to make time for family as well. This past year has challenged us all in that respect. On my part, after months of video calls, I was finally able to meet up with my grandchildren, and it was worth the wait. There is plenty to do in retirement, so don’t spend all your time on work!

3 Tips to Keep Your Job Search on Track

As a potential new hire, you need a clear strategy to stand out. Here are 3 tips to help make your job search rewarding and successful:

  1. Be Relevant – Customize your CV/resume to the requirements of your ideal position. Emphasize the skills and concrete accomplishments that prove you will bring value to employers based on your past.
  2. Be Obvious – Keep your CV/resume concise, summarizing the most important or recent experience near the top of page one. Busy recruiters often look no further than your most recent couple of jobs.
  3. Be ThoroughPost your updated resume on American Industrial Hygiene Association. Employers and recruiters constantly search our database and contact candidates. Make sure you are one of them!

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