December 3, 2019

Quick Takes 2019 December

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Important Dates and Deadlines:


AIHA Seeks Nominations: AIHA Named Awards and Fellows Nominating Committee
AIHA values the profession and is proud of the accomplishments of our members. Each year, excellence is recognized and celebrated through the nominations and selection of recipients for the Named Awards and Fellows recognition. Deadline: Dec. 20 (11:59 p.m. ET)

AIHA Fellow Award Nominat ions
AIHA Volunteer Groups, Local Sections, Special Interest Groups, and/or other formal AIHA entitites may nominate one individual for consideration. At-large nominations will be accepted; self-nominations do not qualify. Any nominations received after the deadline will not be considered. Deadline: Dec. 31

Nominate a Deserving Peer for an AIHA Named Award
Recognize a deserving peer by nominating them for one of AIHA's Named Award at the 2020 AIHce Mark of Excellence Breakfast, held at AIHce EXP. Deadline: Jan. 15

Application to Receive AIHA Micro-Grants for Emerging Economy Projects
Project proposals will be reviewed by the Micro-Grants Sub-Committee under the AIHA International Affairs Committee (IAC). Applications will be evaluated against established criteria, and priority ranked. You do not have to be an AIHA member in order to submit the online application form.
Application Deadline: Dec. 31 (11:59 p.m. ET)

Now Accepting Scholarship Applications
Over the past 30 years, the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF) has awarded more than 680 scholarships totaling nearly $2 million to students dedicated to studying industrial hygiene and/or occupational and environmental health safety. Deadline: Jan. 31


Join Our Mentoring Program!
Without mentors we can’t fill the need or demand of those seeking mentorship and guidance. Consider taking a few minutes of your time to join the mentoring program by completing a mentoring profile. You have the opportunity to be a leader and make a difference in the future of the profession.

Have You Checked Out the Improved Member Center and Catalyst Site?
Now featuring easy access member center and a more efficient and better designed layout your user experience has just gotten a whole lot better! Renew your membership to continue connecting and networking on Catalyst and stay tuned for a new Catalyst mobile phone app in 2020!

Protect Your Business
Alliant has partnered with AIHA to offer the AIHA Professional Liability Program. This customized policy provides the most comprehensive and affordable liability insurance coverage to AIHA members.

List Your Business in the 2020 AIHA Consultants Listing
List your business in the 2020 AIHA Consultants Listing, a trusted resource for businesses and consumers looking for your expertise in industrial hygiene and other OEHS-related professions. Apply by Dec. 12 to ensure you're included in the 2020 directory!

Thank you to All Our Hamiliton Club Partners
Do you know AIHA’s Hamilton Club Partners? Through their alliance and cooperation we are better able to serve our members and the IH community. As many are active in our local chapters, should you meet a Hamilton Club Partner, please thank them for their support!

A recent visit with our Platinum Hamilton Club Partner, President Doug Dowis and his team at SKC Inc.

Become a Registered OHSMS Auditor
Do you audit Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems for your company, clients, or customers? Showcase your knowledge and skills by becoming a Registered OHSMS Auditor!


One Month Left to Renew Your Membership!
Don't forget to renew your membership before December 31 to get your complimentary eBook of Essentials of Exposure IV as well as your chance to be one of the first 26 members to submit a blog on why you are Proud to be an IH and you will be published on Catalyst in 2020.

Local Section Membership Information for Renewals
If you joined a local section through national last year, you’ve already been billed for it for 2020 and will not see that specific local section listed on your invoice. If you did not join a local section last year through national, please use the check boxes to add a new local section membership. To find billed invoices, click here.

Special Interest Groups Information for Renewals
There are no longer fees involved with SIGs. If you would like to join a SIG, or any volunteer group, the option resides here: Volunteer Now.

Set Up Automatic Payment Option for Membership Renewals
Make things easier for yourself by setting up automatic membership renewal payments.

• Select Add/Edit Your Payment Options from your account menu.

• Click on Add Account, name your account, and add your billing information.

• Under Authorization, check the box next to Automatic payment for Membership, and submit.


New Credential for Product Stewardship
The Board for Global EHS Credentialing® and the Product Stewardship Society® are pleased to announce the collaborative development of a new product stewardship credential:Certified Professional Product Steward™ (CPPS™). CPPS™, the first credential of its kind, will provide product stewardship professionals with an opportunity to distinguish their expertise and build professional credibility within their organizations.

Product Stewardship Society Has Launched a New Website
The new website incorporates a modern mobile-friendly design and enhanced accessibility features, while also providing greater flexibility as we continue to add new content and resources.

Industrial Hygiene and Product Stewardship: An Intertwined Future
Ina Xhani writes in the SynergistNOW blog, “Earlier this year, AIHA's Stewardship and Sustainability Committee sponsored production of an educational video on industrial hygiene and product stewardship. The video encourages IHs to expand their focus to include product stewardship and sustainability, for a greater impact on their communities, as well as to elevate their profession.”


Get the Help You Need- Connect with the Student Local Sections Council
The AIHA Student Local Sections Council is the national oversight board for all student university sections. We are currently working on connecting students with the rest of AIHA’s membership for mentoring, professional development/internships, and other topics. If you are interested in collaborating with the SLSC, please email the Chair, Lexi Pratt, at [email protected].

Now Accepting Scholarship Applications
Over the past 30 years, the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF) has awarded more than 680 scholarships totaling nearly $2 million to students dedicated to studying industrial hygiene and/or occupational and environmental health safety. Deadline: Jan. 31

Student Posters at AIHce EXP 2020
Gain visibility among professionals in the field by submitting and presenting a student poster. The submission portal is open until March 2020. Contact Kathryn Christoe for more information.

Get Your Collegues and Peers to Join as a Student Member
At $32 for the entire year, let your peers and collegues know the benefits and advantages of becoming an AIHA student member. How has it made a difference in your life? How has it benefited you?

Check out this video of Jake Shedd talking about how membership has impacted him.

Choose Your Path Using IH Professional Pathways
Evolve Your Career. Advance the Profession. Protect Workers. Change the World. Whether you are still in school, a recent grad, or have been in the OEHS field for years and want to grow your management and leadership skills, Visit the IH Professional Pathways page for a vast array of valuable resources and tools to help you get to the next stage of your career.


Giving Tuesday
Get ready for the biggest giving day of the year on December 3. Your opportunity to help AIHF through the gift of your donations.

Support Future Generations of IH/OHs
Did you hear about the prestigious President's Leadership Award, made possible thanks to a generous $150,000 endowment and annual donation by AIHA Past President John Henshaw, MPH, CIH, FAIHA? This Giving Tuesday you can follow John’s lead and support future IH/OHs through donations to AIH Foundation.

How to Apply for a Scholarship If You Attend a Non-Eligible School
Students attending a school that doesn't meet the current AIHF eligibility standards are still eligible to apply. In order to qualify for a scholarship, a school administrator must complete a separate application justifying why their program/students should be considered for an AIHF scholarship. The deadline to submit a school application form is: Jan. 10.

Life Got Easier: Online Scholarship Application Process
New this year! AIHF is launching an online scholarship application portal which will make it even easier to apply and attach all supplemental material. The application program is open. Deadline: Jan. 31

End of Year Giving
Thinking of a great holiday gift to give? How about donating to AIHF on behalf of a loved one? Donations are tax-deductible and will go towards supporting deserving IH/OEHS students in their pursuit of making a difference to the profession.


Local Sections Advisory Group
The purpose of the Local Sections Advisory Group is to promote continued growth, well-being and operating efficiencies of AIHA Local Sections. The members of this group are John Moore, III, CIH, CSP; Hillary Waterhouse, CIH; Alessandra “Lexi” Pratt and Savannah Jones. AIHA Board Liaisons are Bradley S. King, CIH and Srinivas Durgam, CIH, CSP.

What are the Benefits of Joining a Local Section?
Membership in an AIHA local section provides you with a wide range of networking opportunities in the occupational health and safety field. AIHA national membership is not required in joining an AIHA local section, but membership in both organizations is strongly encouraged to maximize benefits.

29th Annual California Industrial Hygiene Council (CIHC): Professional Development Symposium
Dec. 4-6
Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel, 999 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108. Sponsored by the California IH Council

YUMA Pacific Local Section Annual Meeting
Jan. 22-24
The Bay Club Hotel and Marina, 2131 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92106


Building a Globally Applied, Risk Assessment Tool (Webinar Recording)
Risk assessment is a universal approach to health and safety program development. Global development of programs requires that we wrap our arms around large sets of information and extract the bottom lines for past, current and future status of our progress. This session will teach a proven approach to global industry risk assessment and extraction of bottom line information.

• Virtual Section members, please click here.

• Virtual Section (en Español) members, please click here.

Do You Reside in a Country With a Developing Economy?
Do you or your colleagues reside in a developing/emerging economy, as identified by the US World Bank, if so, you/they are eligible to join the virtual section without an AIHA national membership for only $10 USD per year. Click here for the membership form.


AIHA University 2020 eLearning Subscription Early Bird Pricing
Securing a 2020 eLearning Subscription is the best way to ensure your team has the training they need lined up for next year, at an affordable cost. When you register for a 2020 eLearning Subscription before the end of the year, you can save up to $250 on your subscription!

Cyber Week
It’s almost here… AIHA is celebrating Cyber Monday all week long from Dec. 2 through Dec. 6! Save 40% off select publications and eLearning products. The Cyber Week sale starts next Monday with new deals every day through Friday. Stay tuned!


Seeking Input
The AIHA® Guideline Foundation is the ONLY operating organization responsible for establishing and publishing up-to-date airborne levels for risk assessment of a single brief exposure to chemicals, more commonly known as Emergency Response Planning Guidelines™ (ERPGs). We are seeking input from interested stakeholders on high production volume chemicals currently used in commerce that have the potential to be released and generate significant adverse exposures to workers, emergency response personnel, and communities at large.


Urge Your Governor to Support Wildfire Recovery Efforts
Your help is needed today to raise awareness about the hidden hazards that may exist during the cleanup and recovery phase of wildfires, especially in urban areas. Please take a moment to send a message to your governor, urging them to help protect families, workers, pets, and communities during wildfire recovery efforts.

Tell Congress to Pass the Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act
AIHA has issued a new action alert. In less than one minute, you can make a difference today by urging Congress to pass the Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act! Take action now at

Celebrating the Harvest and Preparing for the Future
Mark Ames writes in the SynergistNOW, “AIHA has a lot to be thankful for. Because of our members, we have achieved considerable success this year alone. Here's what we've accomplished so far in 2019…” Read more here.

Updates on Notable and Key Bills

Visit the weekly GR Announcements page on Catalyst.


Your New Member Center Experience / Catalyst
We are pleased to announce that the AIHA Member Center and Catalyst have joined forces! You will now be able to access your member dashboard, update your profile, pay or print invoices, access members-only content and/or the Catalyst online community, all in one location. You will be prompted to log-in just like you did when accessing the Member Center via, using your username and password.

Please note… if the log-in screen does not pre-populate with your username and password and/or you are requested to re-enter this data each time you try to re-access the site through the day (you did not log-off), this is usually all based on your web browser settings per computer.

• Some do not allow saving PWs;

• Some will save them, but will clear their cache automatically when they close their web browser;

• And some keep their PW and not clear their cache.

Trending on Catalyst This Month—The IH/OEHS Online Community

1. Sit-Stand Desks- Kevin Zhang

2. IH Software - Philip Goff

3. Refractory Ceramic Fiber Management in Electrical Utility Industry - Rayna Brown

4. Teflon - Keith Boyd

5. IAQ in Hospital - Mold - Lindsey Sue McFarland

Get Involved in the #IAMIH Challenge!
The #IAMIH challenge is a fun and easy way to get your local section or just yourself involved in spreading awareness of the profession to the community during STEM and career fairs. Use our free resources or create your own and then post pictures of your presentation on the IAMIH Challenge Catalyst page. The more presentations you deliver and post, the more likely you and/or your local section will be awarded a gift card at AIHce!

Do you have questions regarding our online community? Need additional training? Please contact Janice Allen.


"What Do You Do, Again?"
Larry Sloan writes in the SynergistNOW that, “The issue of awareness is key to everything else we want to accomplish, so we've incorporated it into AIHA's strategic plan for 2019–21. Awareness is one of the plan's five "domains," along with community, advancement and dissemination of knowledge, integrity of IH practice, and advocacy. Today, I'll dig into the awareness domain to shed some light on what AIHA is doing in this area.” Read more here.

From The Synergist – Dermal Sensitizers
Skin sensitization is one of the most frequently encountered hazards in the workplace, yet one of the most perplexing to predict and prevent. Why is it so difficult to predict if an individual will react with a skin sensitization, and how can sensitization be prevented? Read more here.

Battling the Reptilian Brain
Carl Sall writes in The Synergist, "Distractions are all around us. Between work assignments, meetings, emails, family issues, social media, and the current political climate, it's a wonder any of us accomplish anything. Fortunately, becoming a top performer in a world of distractions is quite simple. We just need to refine a few basic skills."... Read more here.

What Every IH Should Know about AIHA’s Content Priorities
Ben Kollmeyer writes in the SynergistNOW blog, "Content priorities are a critical component of AIHA’s strategy for ensuring organizational success and relevance into the future. Likewise, understanding these content priorities can help shape strategies for individual career success and globally promote the relevance of the industrial hygiene profession in the marketplace of tomorrow."... Read more here.