July 2, 2019

Quick Takes 2019 July

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Call for Questions - Synergist Town Hall Webinar on Flame-Resistant Clothing: Ongoing
  • AIHce EXP 2020 PDC/Technical Submission Portal: Opens July 8
  • Call for Comment - Proposed By Laws Amendment (Local Sections Council (LSC)): Deadline July 12
  • Call for Comment - Proposed Changes to Board OFFICER ONLY Nominations: Deadline July 12
  • Safe + Sound Week 2019: August 12-18
  • Product Stewardship 2019: Registration Now Open
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene: September 16-19
  • AIHA-RMS & ASSP CO Chapter-Fall Technical Conference: September 17-18
  • Exposure and Chemical Monitoring—Beyond IH Fundamentals: October 21-23
  • The Role of Context in Ethical Decision-Making for the Industrial Hygienist: November 7
  • Leadership Workshop (by invitation only): November 15-17

Call to Action

AIHA Seeks Comments on Proposed By Laws Amendment, Changes to Board Officer Nominations

AIHA seeks comments from members in two areas: a proposed by laws amendment regarding the Local Sections Council and proposed changes to Board officer nominations. Details about each of the proposals are available via the Member Center. AIHA will accept comments on these proposals until 5 p.m. ET on Friday, July 12, 2019. LEARN MORE (AIHA member login required)

AIHce EXP 2020 PDC/Technical Submission Portal Opens July 8

Be part of the AIHce EXP 2020 program and submit your PDCs and potential educational session(s). The portal will open July 8 and will close on September 18.

Call for Questions: Synergist Town Hall Webinar on Flame-Resistant Clothing

The Synergist and Bulwark FR are asking AIHA members for their help in creating the next presentation in our Town Hall Webinar Series. You can submit your questions by emailing the Synergist staff. The webinar is scheduled for mid-August.

Product Stewardship 2019 - Registration Now Open!

The Product Stewardship Conference offers an experience like no other by bringing together professionals from more than a dozen different industry sectors and throughout the value chain to deliver unique education and networking opportunities. For the lowest rates and best value year- round, join the Product Stewardship Society as a Premium member. Forget to renew your membership? Renew today to reinstate your benefits immediately!

Safe + Sound Week 2019

August 12–18 is Safe + Sound Week. Safe + Sound Week encourages every workplace to have a health and safety program. As an organizing partner, AIHA encourages all members, Local Sections, and others to join in attending or even hosting events related to the campaign.

National & Membership

AIHA Rings the Alarm on Four Construction Health Hazards

This new guidance document highlights the significant impact that health hazards have on workers and businesses and to provide practical steps that can be taken to control them.

AIHA Code of Conduct

This document outlines the Code of Conduct for all members and volunteers of the American Indust rial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and summarizes the behavior expected of members and volunteers representing AIHA in any forum, mailing list, public meetings or private correspondence.

AIHA Announces its 2019-20 Board of Directors

AIHA inducted its new Board of Directors at the 2019 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHce EXP). The following leaders have completed their terms of service on the AIHA board: past president, Deborah Imel Nelson, Ph.D., CIH, FAIHA; secretary, Michael Rosenow, MPH, CIH, CSP; and past directors, Cathy Hovde, CIH, CSP, and Joselito S. Ignacio, M.A., MPH, CIH, CSP, FAIHA, REHS. Nelson, Rosenow, Hovde and Ignacio will remain active volunteers with AIHA.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Because a volunteer group structure tends to be project team focused, all active volunteers are required to submit a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form (located via Member Center, My Dashboard), so potential conflicts are disclosed prior to a product or document development. Additionally, AIHA frequently calls upon its members to provide review and comments on pending legislation, regulation, and other documents – often with very tight deadlines. Having updated forms on file for all active volunteers ensures potential conflicts are known prior to comment submission.

Are You an AIHA Member and Belong to an Organization?

Do you have the contact information for the person in your organization responsible for membership? Would you mind forwarding us their information because you could get your membership through the organization you belong to? Please contact [email protected]

“Please Cancel My Membership, I’ve Just Retired”

“Having worked my whole life and paid for membership for years, why would I want to continue paying when I’m retired?” ... find out why you should stay an AIHA member here.

Consultants Listing

A searchable print and online directory of AIHA consultant members. This listing is the leading directory of industrial hygiene (IH) and other occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) consultants and is available to anyone to use FREE of charge.

Change Lives. Be a Mentor.

We need you! Give back to the profession and help guide and influence the next generation of IH/OEHS students and early career professionals by becoming a mentor. They are looking to you to expand their network and professional opportunities. Enroll yourself today.

AIHce EXP Highlights

Looking Back on AIHce EXP 2019

Ed Rutkowski writes, “Each year at AIHce EXP, Synergist staff attend a number of sessions, gather copious notes, and publish as many articles as time allows about the things we learned.”

Science and Storytelling

“We think in stories,” Edward Saxon told attendees during the closing session of AIHce EXP 2019 in Minneapolis. It was an unsurprising declaration given Saxon’s day job as a Hollywood producer... read more here.

First Responders Describe Cave Rescues in Saint Paul

Since the 1980s, eight people have died in a complex system of artificial caves on the banks of the Mississippi River in Saint Paul, Minn. Read what two firefighters from Saint Paul had to say about what they learned from participating in cave rescues at AIHce 2019 in Minneapolis.

Cardiologist Paves the Way for Virtual, On-Demand Healthcare

Is wearable technology the future of healthcare? According to Dr. Leslie Saxon, a cardiologist who addressed attendees at the Closing General Session of AIHce EXP 2019 in Minneapolis, the answer is an emphatic yes... read more here.

Students & Early Career Professionals

You are Not Alone

As an AIHA member you can find the latest tools and resources on CareerAdvantage to help land the job of your dreams. You don’t have to manage on your own when you have all the tools you need at your fingertips. Check out our career development tools page to help you beef up your career! Please contact Wanda Barbour for more information.

Join the Students and Early Career Professional Committee

The mission of the committee is to support student and early career professional retainment in the field of industrial hygiene and increase involvement in AIHA, by providing tools and opportunities to be engaged and grow professionally. Join us!

What’s the Future Leaders Institute?

The Future Leaders Institute (FLI) focuses on strengthening the leadership skills of young industrial hygiene and OEHS professionals. The program is designed for those with 3–15 years of applied work experience. Learn more here.

Utilize Our IH Professional Pathways™

A program for IHs created from a desire to align association resources and development opportunities at the various career stages of the profession which encourages and supports the attainment of credentials such as certifications and registrations. For the pdf infographic of the five levels of an IH career, click here.

Find a Mentor

Everybody needs a road map to get on the right track. Find out how to get paired with a mentor in the industrial hygiene profession. Mentorship can help you climb the ladder of success.

Soft Skills to Pay the Bills

Emotional Intelligence is just one element of what are commonly referred to as “soft skills.” Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Developing these skills is a crucial element for personal and professional success, especially for early-career professionals and students entering the profession.

AIH Foundation

FunRun 2019

This year over 200 people registered to participate in the FunRun in Minneapolis, Minnesota, helping to generate over $9,500! A very special thank you to our sponsors: Amazon, Boeing, Alliant, Cardno ChemRisk, REPSS, SevenGen, Sherwin Williams, ALS, CHUBB, Half Drafts Acre, Steel Dynamics, and Workplace Health Without Borders–US.

Congratulations to all our participants that passed the finished line. This year's winners were:

Best Overall:
Male: TJ Lentz, Kurt Prieve, and Jason Kunz
Female: Lillian Fry, Jocelyn Walton, and Laura Riley

Masters (Those Over 40):
Masters Male: Cody Lallatin, Phillip Geoff, and Carter Ficklen
Masters Female: Julia Norris, Katriona MacNeil, and Angela Windau

Recognition of 2019 AIHF Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our AIHF Scholarship Recipients who were recognized onstage at the Mark of Excellence Awards Ceremony at AIHce More than 25 scholarship recipients attended AIHce EXP.

Leaving a Legacy

Consider leaving an impression on the profession by adding AIHF in your will and join the other individuals who have included AIHF in their estate planning as part of our Legacy Circle. Contact Thursa La for more information.

Donations are Tax-Deductible

Donate today to help a student achieve their goals and dreams of becoming an IH/OEHS professional. Your donations support the future of the profession!

Local Section

AIHA-RMS & ASSP CO Chapter-Fall Technical Conference

The 2019 Fall Technical Conference will be held at the Arvada Center for the Performing Arts on September 17–18, 2019.

Welding Fume Is a Group I Carcinogen with No OEL and No Method: What Is the Path Forward?

July 17, 2019 Sponsored by the Deep South Section, contact Tuan Nguyen.

Interested in Contributing to the Synergist?

Check out the submission and author guidelines page to see how you can share your research, opinions and articles with the greater IH/OEHS community and beyond and be sure to contact the editors before writing to ensure the topic meets the needs of the magazine.


New to AIHA eLearning: Occupational Exposure Assessment Certificate Program

Prove that you've mastered the skills required to assess workplace exposures and hazards at the industrial hygiene technician level. You'll also earn 4 contact hours!

AIHA Launches New Professional Certificate Programs

AIHA’s certificate programs offer training on specialized IH/OH topics that are aligned with the technical frameworks outlined in the corresponding AIHA Bodies of Knowledge.

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene—September 16-19, 2019

Gain exposure to the broad field of industrial hygiene through sampling and workshop sessions, hands-on lab experiences, demo sessions, and problem-solving exercises. This four-day course is not only designed for OEHS professionals new to industrial hygiene or who have newly acquired IH responsibilities, but also serves as an excellent refresher.

Exposure and Chemical Monitoring—Beyond IH Fundamentals (face-to-face education)

Building on IH fundamentals, this intermediate three-day course is designed to provide additional training and knowledge in the aspects of industrial hygiene chemical monitoring through group exercises and discussion on October 21-23 in Westerville, OH. Receive 24 CM contact hours.

CIH Crash Course

This online CIH review course is designed to help you focus on the key areas you need to know and has been updated to reflect the current CIH Exam.

The Role of Context in Ethical Decision-Making for the Industrial Hygienist

Explore the role of context in ethical decision-making by attending our November 7 webinar from 1:00-3:00 pm ET. Earn 2 contact hours.

Welding: An Exercise in Applied Industrial Hygiene (e-learning) 8 Contact hours

Adapted from a popular PDC, this course describes common welding and thermal cutting processes and the health/safety hazards associated with these processes.

Featured in Risk Assessment

Integrate risk assessment into your OEHS management plan with one of our self-study courses, webinar/presentation recordings, or publications.

Government Relations

Helping Communities in Times of Need

Mark Ames write, "To those impacted by floods, fierce winds, and other severe weather—thoughts and words too complex to capture go out to you. With hope, these words will be a long-distance embrace, and while they cannot provide you with food or shelter, perhaps they can deliver comfort and strength to you and yours.” Read more here.

US House to Vote on Funding Package

The US House of Representatives is expected to vote on one of the largest funding bills for the upcoming 2020 fiscal year.

FEMA Funding Bill Approved by US House Subcommittee

If enacted, the bill would provide $18.9 billion for FEMA, an increase of $2.4 billion over current levels. The bill will soon be scheduled for consideration by the full House Appropriations Committee and then considered on the House floor.

EPA Announces Brownfield Grant Recipients

The EPA is awarding 151 grants to 149 communities to help improve public health, the environment, and jumpstart economic growth through the Brownfields Multipurpose, Assessment, and Cleanup Grants Program.

Resources for Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

AIHA has a number of disaster related resources designed for IH professionals, as well as the public other less technical audiences. Check out our Disaster Response Resource Center.

OSHA Requests Information on Possible Updates to the Lockout/Tagout Standard

OSHA is considering updates to its Lockout/Tagout Standard and has a bevy of questions they are seeking answers to. You can find these questions and much more in OSHA's request for information (RFI).

Updates on Notable and Key Bills

Visit the weekly State and Federal Government Relations update page on Catalyst.


Trending on Catalyst This Month—The IH/OEHS Online Community

  1. The Occupational Health and Safety Professional Capability Framework A Global Framework for Practice - Michele Kim Kutz
  2. Buffered Solution - Denis Logie
  3. Displacement Ventilation for Removal of Weld Fumes Follow - Tambra Rene Williams
  4. Feedback on Comprehensive IH Courses - Michelle Wolfe
  5. Fatigue Risk Management- Brad Jones

In the News

JOEH Special Issue on Welding Available Online

According to an editorial by Editor-in-Chief T. Renee Anthony, the idea for the special issue stemmed from the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s reclassification of welding fume in 2018 from Group 2A (probably carcinogenic to humans) to Group 1, carcinogenic to humans… read more here.

Legionella Regulations in New York - FEATURE 2019 June/July Synergist

By Megan Canright, Madeleine Rebullida, David Kahn, and John Martinelli

Legionnaires’ disease is a serious but preventable illness. The rising incidence in cases over the last two decades is a critical, yet almost wholly avertible public health crisis... read more here.

A New Approach to the Exposure Sciences - FEATURE -2019 June/July Synergist

By Richard Hartman and Mark Oxley

As industry continues to move toward greater automation, an increasing number of work environments have removed the human from the exposure or the exposure from the human. But is our work force becoming healthier as a result of this freedom from occupational exposures… read more here.

Resource Guide Focuses on Hazardous Energy Control in Manufacturing

The National Occupational Research Agenda Manufacturing Sector Council has created a resource guide intended to help companies start a hazardous energy control program or improve and maintain their existing program… read more here.

CDC Seeks IH to Serve on World Trade Center Health Program Committee

CDC seeks nominations for candidates to serve on the World Trade Center Health Program Scientific/Technical Advisory Committee, or STAC. The agency is seeking individuals who are industrial hygienists, occupational physicians with experience treating WTC rescue and recovery workers, representatives of WTC responders, and physicians with expertise in pulmonary medicine… read more here.

MSHA Upgrades Its Mine Data Retrieval System

MSHA announced the completion of an upgrade to its Mine Data Retrieval System, or MDRS, an online tool that provides access to data such as coal dust samples, noise samples, and personal health samples. MDRS gathers current and historical data from several agency databases and provides mine-by-mine data for all coal and metal/nonmetal mines and contractors in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands… read more here.

How Much Progress Have We Made?

OSHA Urges Employers to Protect Workers from Cytomegalovirus Exposure. A new web page published by OSHA provides information on protecting workers from Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, a common virus that is often spread through saliva and other body fluids of young children... read more here.

NIOSH Outlines Information on Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

A new “Workplace Solutions” document published last week by NIOSH provides general information about medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, for opioid use disorder... read more here.

OSHA Considers Possible Updates to Lockout/Tagout Standard

OSHA is considering whether to initiate rulemaking that would revise its standard on the control of hazardous energy, also known as OSHA’s lockout/tagout standard... read more here.

WHO Classifies Burn-Out as an "Occupational Phenomenon"

The 11th revision of the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases, ICD-11, defines “burn-out” as “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” Read more here.

UN Declaration on Universal Health Coverage to Include Language on Worker Health

On April 29, 2019, the president of the General Assembly of the United Nations convened a hearing in New York to prepare for an upcoming meeting on universal health coverage... read more here.

NIOSH Webinar to Focus on Disseminating and Implementing Research in the Workplace

On July 2, NIOSH will host a free webinar in its Total Worker Health webinar series that will focus on the theory and practice of research dissemination and implementation in the workplace... find out more here.

OSHA Rules on Emergency Response, Workplace Violence Stalled

OSHA rulemaking activities related to emergency response and workplace violence remain in the pre-rule stage on the agency’s Spring 2019 regulatory agenda, which was released in late May... read more here.