July 28, 2021

Quick Takes - August 2021

Important Dates and Deadlines:

AIHce EXP Call for Technical Reviewers - August 11

Comprehensive IH Review Course - August 24

Webinar: Methemoglobinemia Resulting from Work in an MDI Tank - August 26

Open Call for Local Sections Advisory Group (LSAG) - August 31

The Role of OEHS Professionals in Continuity Planning: A Practical Application - September 9

IOHA 2021: Bridging Gaps in OH Development, Opening New Horizons - September 11-15

Membership Town Hall: Content Priorities (CPAG) - September 14

AIHce EXP 2022- Call for Proposals - September 15

AIHA/ACGIH Research Idea Brainstorming Roundtable - September 21 and 23

Open Call: Fellows Nominations - September 24

PSX 2021 (Product Stewardship Society) - September 28-30

Open Call: Board Nominating Committee Nominations - October 1

Open Call: Board Nominations - October 15

Leadership Workshop by invitation only - October 16

Open Call: Named Awards Nominations - October 22

World Health Summit - October 24

Open Call: Named Awards and Fellows Selection Committee Nominations - November 1

Healthy Buildings 2021—America - November 9

AIOH 2021 Conference and Exhibition - November 28

33rd International Congress on Occupational Health 2021 (ICOH 2021) - February 6-11, 2022  


AIHA Volunteers – AIHce EXP Call for Technical Reviewers

We ask each AIHA volunteer group to email to AIHA the names of four (4) reviewers and two (2) alternates by Wednesday, August 11. Specifically, we need a minimum of two (2) reviewers for PDCs and two (2) for the education program, and an alternate for each in any given topic area. This is the minimum number needed, but more can volunteer to review if desired. We do not have a maximum on the number of reviewers per topic area. Reviewers are not required to attend AIHce EXP but must be current, active AIHA committee members. You can volunteer to review Professional Development Courses (PDCs), education sessions, or both (please specify at the time of volunteering).


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New Agreement Between BOHS and AIHA

AIHA and the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) have entered into a licensing agreement for AIHA to freely use and modify as needed site content from their Breathe Freely program. A new micro-site is envisioned that will be tailored to the US market. Several years ago BOHS took the lead in establishing this program to promote occupational respiratory health in the UK. Other organizations participating in this global effort are AIOH (Australia) and NZOHS (New Zealand).

From the Archives: A Focus on Labs

By Ed Rutkowski, AIHA Director, Periodicals
The August 2021 Synergist, which is now being printed, is the latest of our annual special issues on laboratories, with contributions on sampling for and analysis of SARS-CoV-2, protecting researchers who work alone in laboratories and establishing protections for lab workers who may be exposed to reproductive and developmental hazards.
Today’s “From the Archives” post looks back at some of The Synergist’s recent lab-related articles.

Healthier Workplaces, A Healthier World”, an Occupational Safety Docuseries by AIHA & dBase Media

AIHA has released inspiring docuseries about the Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) industry and the impact on keeping workers and communities where they live healthy and safe. Healthier Workplaces, A Healthier World draws awareness on the many aspects of creating a healthy and safe workplace and the innovation taking place. The fifteen-episode series features key influencers from the OEHS industry discussing new standards in safety equipment, the impact of technology, and why training and education are crucial for protecting a diverse workforce. Members from 13 organizations such as Harvard, The Hartford and Novartis are featured. Learn more! 

Environmental Health and Safety Experts Warn of Post-Fire Hazards

As different parts of the country are dealing with active wildfires and extreme temperatures, AIHA is offering resources on wildfire response, assistance, and recommendations for protecting the health and safety of residents and recovery workers. AIHA's Wildfire Disaster Recovery Center provides vital information on wildfire preparedness and recovery and the hidden dangers in the cleanup process that follows a devastating wildfire. Learn more!

AIHA Offers Resources for Addressing Hurricane Cleanup Hazards

With the 2021 hurricane season underway, AIHA is offering resources for the Association’s members and the public to use when encountering hazardous exposures during hurricane recovery efforts. AIHA's Disaster Response Resource Center offers information and resources on addressing damage due to flooding, mold, and other hazards following a hurricane. AIHA's Consultants Listing provides contact information for certified professionals who can help members of the public with professional assistance going beyond these guidelines. Learn more!

Congratulations to AIHA Staff Members on Two Amazing Achievements

AIHA is proud to announce well-deserved honors received by two members of our Marketing and Communications Department. DCA LIVE has named Jennifer Newell, AIHA’s Program Director for Digital Marketing, an “Association Tech, and Innovation Leader.” And, Sue Marchese, AIHA’s Managing Director Marketing and Communications, recently earned her Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential from the CAE Commission of ASAE.


Furthering a Global Vision with International Membership

By Gouhar Nayeem, AIHA Membership Marketing Specialist
AIHA membership extends beyond the United States and Canada, spanning countries worldwide. With outreach efforts for emerging economies and an international strategy aimed at increasing awareness of occupational health and safety in countries where it’s needed, we are furthering our shared vision of a world where all workers are healthy and safe. E-membership is the perfect way for members who live abroad to stay connected to peers and up to date on global topics, technology, and trends within the industry.

New Survey Focuses on Serving the Changing Workforce

AIHA wants to raise awareness of the changing workforce and workplace as well as educate occupational and environmental health and safety professionals about the circumstances driving these changes, their implications, and how the OEHS community can protect human health in the workplace and elsewhere. AIHA members: please provide your input on the types of educational products the association should create in this area and the topics they should address. The survey will close on Aug. 31. RESPOND TODAY

Get Up to Three Individual Memberships through Organizational Membership

Organizational membership provides a cost-effective means of accessing AIHA resources and reputation to support your business and staff. Did you know that AIHA organizational members receive more than $2000 in savings? By taking advantage of everything available to members, your membership dues pay for themselves. Investing in your business and staff is a solid commitment to the professional development and growth of your business.


Get Your Classmates to Join Student Membership

Do you have classmates or know other OHS students that do not belong to AIHA? Before classes start in a few weeks be an advocate for AIHA and tell them how inexpensive it is to join and the doors it opens for you. Check out this video of the fellow student member, Jake Shedd, speaking about the benefits of student membership.

Join the NEW AIHA Mentoring Program!

Your student and ECP membership include access to the new AIHA mentoring program. Enroll as a mentee and get matched with a mentor who can help you with your professional development, advise you on career pathways, job placement, and networking opportunities! Watch this mentoring townhall video for information on the program and how to enroll! Contact Gouhar Nayeem for the promo code to enroll!

AIHA Volunteer Community

You don’t have to wait to be invited! Check out the AIHA volunteer community and consider joining one today. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire new skills, expand your network, and be a part of the community that is giving back to the profession to advance a healthier workplace, a healthier world.


NEW! Volunteer Groups Named Awards

Volunteer groups can now establish their own named awards. In February 2021, the AIHA Board agreed that each AIHA volunteer group should have the option to establish its own named award. Recipients would receive a certificate of recognition, which would be presented at the group’s annual business meeting, typically held in conjunction with AIHce. Read more here.

Color Council Virtual Meetings

Teal Color Council—July 28, 1 pm (EST)

Red Color Council—July 28, 3 pm (EST)

AIHA Volunteer Groups Secretary Training—August 4, 2 pm (EST)

Orange Color Council- August 10, 12- 1 pm (EST)

Yellow Color Council - August 11, 1-2 pm (EST)


Open Call for Local Sections Advisory Group (LSAG)

An open call process is currently underway for an individual to serve on the Local Sections Advisory Group (LSAG) as Vice-Chair. Involvement in LSAG is a two-year commitment as the Vice-Chair will eventually advance to become Chair.

To apply, please complete the following application, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r...

All applicants must be an AIHA national member in good standing and should have some previous experience with our local section community. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, August 31.

Invite the AIHA Staff Leadership or Member of the Board of Directors to Your Next Local Section Meeting

Many local sections are looking for ways in which to still connect with their members and to provide PDCs during COVID-19. Larry Sloan, CEO will be virtually presenting to the Connecticut River Valley LS in October on an updated AIHA National update on how the business has and is being affected by COVID. Members of the AIHA Board, the AIHA CEO, and/or the AIHA Director, Government Relations are available to make virtual presentations. If you’re interested, please contact Thursa La to schedule.


Call for Scholarship Applications

Mark your calendar—the call for scholarship applications will launch in early October. To learn more about the scholarship program, as well as the eligibility criteria, please click here. Consider donating to an established scholarship or start your own through AIHF. To learn more, please click here. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible, as allowed by law.


How AIHA’s Content Priorities Serve the OEHS Community

CPAG Past Chair John Baker, CIH, FAIHA wrote a recent Synergist blog post addressing how each of the five content priorities has served OEHS professionals over the past year, during which our profession has experienced unprecedented challenges. Click here to read the full blog post.


Wildfires, AIHA, and You

SynergistNOW blog by Mark Ames, AIHA Director, Government Relations
You may have seen wildfires on the news and wondered, “What can I do? How can I help?” AIHA is by your side. A few years ago, we created the Think and Act Fire Smart campaign to bring attention to wildfires and OEHS. Initially focused on wildfire cleanup, we’ve since expanded our efforts to include all aspects of wildfire preparedness, response, and recovery.


Introducing AIHA University's New Educational Platform

By Colleen Manning, CAE, AIHA Program Director, e-learning
If we learned anything from 2020, it is that our online classrooms must be user-friendly and reliable to meet the needs of the busy industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety professionals we serve.

This July, we proudly launched AIHA University’s new online classroom, which will improve learners’ experiences by providing more intuitive user interactions; a robust, easily searchable online catalog; and an easier credit-claiming process to update your AIHA transcript.

Methemoglobinemia Resulting from Work in an MDI Tank

August 26, 2021 | 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. ET
Earn 1.5 Contact Hours
Learn about the latest developments in MDI analysis and detection to keep workers safe. This webinar will discuss a case study about a near-fatal MDI exposure, which occurred to an experienced company that specializes in cleanup activities. You will learn more about the hazards of MDI, what methemoglobinemia is, and the impact on the body. REGISTER NOW

Advance Your Career with a Speaking Role at AIHce EXP 2022

Presenting at AIHce EXP is a fantastic opportunity for you to advance the OEHS profession by introducing your colleagues to the latest information, trends, technology, and best practices. You’ll also boost your professional creditability by demonstrating your expertise – you never know who you’ll meet! Deadlines are coming up fast, so get started on your proposal today.

September 15, 2021: PDCs, education sessions, and professional posters

January 17, 2022: pop-up sessions

March 17, 2022: student presentations and posters

IH Controls

Take control of your workplace hazards with these education resources from AIHA University.

Control is a key aspect of industrial hygiene applications. Stay up to date on the latest options for risk assessments and best practices for heat stress, safety management, and more. BROWSE NOW

The AIHA University Catalog is Now Available Online!

To keep up with the ever-evolving occupational and environmental health and safety industry, there is constant pressure to improve your skillset to maintain relevance and marketability. Thankfully, AIHA University offers several opportunities for professional development so you don’t have to hunt for webinars, courses, or publications to provide you with diverse avenues for learning. Browse our NEW digital catalog today!

Burton Field Guide for Industrial Hygiene, 2nd Edition

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The new edition of the must-have reference guide for IH professionals is here! Perfect for professionals on the go, this handy guide includes comprehensive information on common industrial gases and chemicals including terms and definitions, equations, monographs, charts, and checklists. The 2nd edition is also included in the library subscription. BUY NOW