January 31, 2022

Quick Takes - February 2022

Important Dates and Deadlines:

AIHA University Webinar: Adapting Your Ergonomics - February 3
33rd International Congress on Occupational Health 2021 (ICOH 2021)
- February 6-11
Open Call for Applications: AIHA Finance Committee
- February 11
Open Call: Testers for eLearning Course on Direct Reading Instruments
- February 11
42nd Annual Scientific Meeting: Applying Total Worker Health Concepts
- February 11
Open Call for Volunteers: Standards Advisory Panel (SAP)
- February 14
Open Call: AIHA Standards for Care Advisory Group
- February 14
Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Review Course (Virtual)
- February 8-April 12
2022 IRPA North American Regional Congress
- February 20-23
2022 Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) 2022 Annual Meeting & Expo
- February 22-25
Open Call: Improving Exposure Judgements Advisory Group
- February 28
AIHce EXP Seeks Session Moderators
- (First come, first-served basis)
AIHA Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG)
- March 1
AIHA Future Leaders Institute
by invitation only - March 3-6
AIHA University Webinar: Assessment, Remediation, and Post-Remediation Verification of Mold in Buildings
- March 3
Virtual Leadership Workshop by invitation only - March 10
Open Call: Continuing Education Committee
- March 17
AIHA Student & ECP Professionals AIHce EXP Sponsorship Program
- March 11
AIOH 2021 Conference Challenge for Change
- March 19-23
Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
- March 21
Open Call: Conference Program Committee
- April 11
Abstract submissions for OH2022 (Belfast)
- June 20-23
Open Call: Thermal Stress Working Group
- Join Now!
AIHA Representatives to NIOSH’s NORA Sector Councils & Cross-Sector Council
- Sign Up Now!


AIHA Finance Committee Open Call

The AIHA Finance Committee is seeking a volunteer to serve on the committee. The committee plays an influential role within the Association by providing the AIHA Board of Directors with oversight to help it fulfill its fiduciary obligations. Deadline to apply is February 11.

AIHA Standards of Care Advisory Group

Advisory Group mission is to document a concise, easy-to-use summary of minimum recommended global standards of care for the professional practice of OEHS that incorporate best risk management practices whenever feasible, and update and maintain the document as needed. Please see the AIHA Standards of Care Advisory Group Charter for a detailed description of the Advisory Group purpose and objectives, timelines, group composition, and roles/responsibilities. Deadline to apply is February 15.

AIHA Improving Judgments Advisory Group

The AIHA Improving Judgments Advisory Group’s mission is to define and prioritize options for actions to be taken to improve the accuracy of exposure judgments (both qualitative and quantitative). Assist in the execution of improvement actions as assigned. Develop metrics appropriate to the actions selected and use them to track and report progress against those actions. Deadline to apply is February 28.

Join the AIHA Thermal Stress Working Group

The purpose of the Thermal Stress Working Group is to develop new tools and educational materials for thermal stress, with a focus on occupational heat exposure. The heat safety app, such as a WBGT-based risk tool, is one such product that has been deemed a top priority for heat stress. Participation is NOT limited to AIHA membership. Submit your application now!

Call for AIHce Education Session Moderator

Are you interested in moderating a session at AIHce? As a moderator, you will be responsible for speaker introductions, session announcements, and assisting speakers, as needed. For a copy of the detailed moderator instructions, click here. Available moderator positions can be found here where a moderator is not already listed.

AIHA Seeks Representatives to Serve on NIOSH NORA Sector Councils

AIHA is looking to appoint members to serve on NIOSH’s National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) sector councils and cross-sector councils. To serve as an AIHA representative, we ask that you be an AIHA Full, Emeritus, Early Career Professional, or international member in good standing.

AIHA Ambassadors Needed for Brazil, Mexico, and Puerto Rico

AIHA is looking for members to serve as AIHA Ambassadors to Brazil, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Click on the link above to learn more about the AIHA Ambassador Program, eligibility, terms, criteria for service and to complete the online application. Help AIHA better serve these three regions, which have been prioritized for international engagement.

PSX 2022 Now Accepting Speaker Proposals

Showcase your thought leadership and advance the practice of product stewardship with a speaking role at PSX 2022. Submissions due March 1!

Open Call for Continuing Education Committee Membership
Once a year, AIHA invites members to apply for a position on the Continuing Education Committee (CEC). The CEC is the volunteer group that provides one of the levels of technical peer review of AIHA’s professional development courses (PDCs). In addition to providing a review of the PDCs offered at AIHce EXP, you would also be asked to audit new offerings. This means an opportunity for CM hours, at no cost to you! We ask that you commit to participating in the CEC for 4-years. Applications will be accepted until March 16.

Your Input Needed: Emerging Risks Impacting the OEHS Profession

AIHA is conducting a survey to explore its members’ perspectives on emerging risks across industry categories. Take this 5-min survey and help us learn more about the new risks and hazards that you face in your workplace. Your feedback will provide effective inputs into strategic planning and resource allocation in support of safe, compliant, and successful workplace operations. Learn more!

Occupational Exposure Banding Evaluation Survey

AIHA invites you to participate in the NIOSH Occupational Exposure Banding Survey. The survey is available to all AIHA members and email subscribers. The goal of this short survey is to understand how the NIOSH Occupational Exposure Banding process and electronic tool (e-Tool) are utilized by industrial hygienists, toxicologists, risk managers, and other health and safety professionals. Your responses will be used to guide future outreach and dissemination efforts by AIHA and NIOSH. Take the survey today!


Workplace Health Scientists Urge Employers to Take Critical Steps to Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 in the Workplace
AIHA in partnership with IBEC, The Integrated Bioscience, and Built Environment Consortium, launched Commit To C.A.R.E., a new public education initiative that encourages employers and employees to commit to reducing the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace and communities by minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19 and preparing buildings against the spread. The initiative is funded by a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Businesses and public health organizations have taken the Commit To C.A.R.E. pledge including National Safety Council, Society for Critical Care Medicine, the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare, and Indoor Air Quality Association Australia, among others. Learn more!

NEW! AIHA Tech Talks

AIHA is introducing a new initiative this year: AIHA Tech Talks, a repository of short instructional videos brought to members by the Technology Initiatives Strategic Advisory Group. The purpose of these informal, useful video talks is to help professionals figure out how to access and use common OEHS web applications and software. Tech Talks presenters are members like you who have overcome some challenges and want to share what they've discovered. Learn more about this ‘for the members, by the members’ initiative.

Competency Framework: SDS and Label Authoring Registry

This framework outlines the knowledge and skills a competent person should possess and demonstrate when authoring safety data sheets (SDS) and labels. Before sitting for the SDS and Label Authoring Registry’s Competency Assessment, the applicant should ensure that they are proficient in these knowledge areas. Be one of the first to tap into this free resource; DOWNLOAD the SDS and Label Authoring Registry.

Protecting Yourself and Your Community from COVID-19
Concerned about transmitting COVID-19? AIHA is here to help. Create an effective employee protection and prevention plan. Use masks to reduce your risk against airborne pathogens. Proper use and care of your masks will maximize your health and safety. Know when and how to use N-95 respirators. Know how to put on/take off your N-95 respirator.

IH Apps and Tools That You Can Use
AIHA has IH Apps & Tools for the practicing IH evaluating occupational exposures, such as Data Collection, Basic Characterization, and so on, click here to check them out. OSHA also has eTools based on standards or topics they regulate: eTools, eMatrix, Expert Advisors, and v-Tools | Occupational Safety and Health Administration geared toward the novice safety person.

AIHA University Introduces NEW Topic Bundles

AIHA University is pleased to offer topic bundles for The Noise Manual, 6th edition. Each bundle includes a PDF of a full chapter plus the cover, front matter, table of contents, symbols and abbreviations, and appendix. Choose only the information you need and save!

AIHce EXP Plus
What is EXP Plus? It's AIHA's exclusive conference channel, chock full of content extras like interviews, behind-the-scenes information, activity updates, and more. (For more info on the conference, visit


It’s Not Too Late to Renew for 2022

Forgot to Renew Your Membership? Reinstate Online Today to Keep Your Member Benefits! If you have any questions about renewing your membership, please contact our Member & Customer Relations Team via email or visit our Membership FAQ page.

Reflecting on AIHA’s Achievements Throughout 2021

By Gouhar Nayeem, Membership Marketing Specialist
This year, whether you achieved your goals, overcame difficulties, or celebrated success, your AIHA membership and support for the association have been invaluable to advance our vision of protecting the global safety and health of workers and their communities. With your help, we hope to achieve much more in 2022, and look forward to what the new year brings!

Maximizing Potential through Organizational Membership

Managers are always looking for the best way to maximize employee productivity. They wisely allocate part of the company budget for professional development courses, training, conferences, and continuing education, because employees are the company’s greatest asset. Smart managers know that investing in employees increases their productivity and ensures that they are up to date with current information and standards. That’s why AIHA’s organizational membership is an investment worth considering.


A Brief History of AIHA’s 2021 CDC/NIOSH Cooperative Agreement

By Larry Sloan, CEO, CAE, MBA
Thanks to a generous cooperative agreement grant AIHA was awarded earlier this year from CDC/NIOSH, we embarked on the development of a vast library of knowledge products, including videos, checklists, and guidelines, with the primary goals of debunking myths about the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, making the complexities of the science easier to understand through no-cost, engaging multimedia tools available in multiple languages, educating businesses, healthcare facilities, and long-term care facilities on how to better prepare their indoor environment against airborne diseases. Stay tuned in the coming months for more SynergistNOW blog posts on this special cooperative agreement, one of the largest public education initiatives pursued by AIHA in its 82-year history.

AIHce EXP 2022 Assurance

To provide better control over how the virtual event platform will perform, we have contracted with a risk management firm. They will conduct extensive testing and evaluation of the various elements that make up this platform, thereby enhancing the virtual conference option for those unable to attend in person. We are confident this extra due diligence will enable us to deliver a superior virtual experience. For our virtual attendees, this means seamlessly connecting to our technology platform and accessing the first-class education and ample networking opportunities you would expect to enjoy in person.


AIHA Student and Early Career Professionals AIHce EXP 2022 Sponsorship Program

AIHA invites student and early career professional members to apply for a sponsorship to attend AIHce EXP 2022, May 23-25 either virtually or in-person in Nashville, Tennessee. AIHce EXP 2022 is designed to support your continuing higher education as a student or your important work as an early career professional, keeping our workplaces ad communities healthy and safe. Learn and earn cm points. Discover what’s new and next. Expand your network. Make your career play. Enjoy the experience! Application deadline is Friday, March 11.

AIHce EXP 2022 Seeking Student Posters/Posters

Share your experience and knowledge at AIHce EXP 2022, where you can introduce participants to the latest OEHS information, trends, technology, and best practices. Contribute to the conference and the profession by submitting a presentation. Inspire and energize your colleagues with the information, solutions, and best practices they need to meet the challenges they face in their work. The deadline to submit is Thursday, March 17.

Join the Growing Mentoring Community!
Did you know your AIHA membership comes with free access to the mentoring program? Connect with a seasoned mentor who can help you navigate the professional waters and help you develop in the industry. Watch this video on the program for more information.

With a new user-friendly platform, joining the mentoring program is easier than ever. Click here to learn more.


Volunteer Group Annual Report

It’s that time of year… time to complete your Volunteer Group Annual Report. An annual report is a review of the impact made by the volunteer group via the body of work conducted over the course of the last year (2021). Why submit an annual report?
• Celebrate success!
• Increase stakeholder engagement
• Attract new volunteer members
• Opportunity to be named an AIHA Outstanding Volunteer Group!

An email was deployed to volunteer group officers, so, please coordinate among your other officers to determine who will complete the annual report by February 4.

Feedback on Direct-Reading Instruments Online Course
AIHA is seeking direct reading instrument (DRI) users and occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals to provide feedback on an asynchronous online education course for basic and intermediate users of DRIs. Volunteers will participate in a user experience and quality assurance test of the course, document any glitches or inaccuracies and complete a survey to provide feedback. Participants will also receive credit on an AIHA transcript after they have completed the course content and provided their feedback. Applications must be submitted by February 11.

Nominations Now Being Accepted for the Rachel Carson Award

The AIHA Environmental Issues Committee welcomes nominations for the Rachel Carson Award. This award is presented to an individual or individuals or companies who have achieved outstanding success in their EHS business, profession, or life’s work, especially towards advancing the public’s awareness of environmental safety and health issues, problems, and solutions that adversely affect the community and the environment. Deadline to submit a nomination is February 25.

AIHA and ACGIH Defining the Science Initiative

As we all know, the success of OEHS as a profession depends on innovative research, training, and practical application—elements of a self-improving, evolving system. In 2021, AIHA began collaborating with ACGIH to establish the Defining the Science Advisory Group (DTS-AG), with the goal of developing and maintaining a national OEHS research agenda. One of the top priorities identified by the initiative was improving the accuracy of qualitative exposure judgment.

NEW! The Defining the Science Initiative: A Guide for Members
A concise guidance document for members, including information on the background, purpose, methodology, process overview, research categories, scoring, frequently asked questions, and appendix featuring similar OEHS programs and initiatives. AIHA Volunteer Groups are being asked to identify a volunteer group member to serve as the R&D Officer to assist with furthering the national OEHS research agenda, based on aligning projects with the appropriate volunteer group.

Establish an Award and/or Submit a Name for the Volunteer Groups Named Awards
Last year, the AIHA Board agreed that each AIHA volunteer group should have the option to establish its own named award. Recipients would receive a certificate of recognition, which would be presented at the group’s annual business meetings, typically held in conjunction with AIHce. By celebrating and reflecting upon the altruistic spirit of the volunteer community, we strive to recognize our committed volunteer leaders who make everything possible. The deadline to establish an award and/or submit recipient name(s) is March 14.

Conflict of Interest (COI) Form

All AIHA volunteer members must have a current Conflict of Interest (COI) form on file. Committee members only need to submit a COI form once until potential conflicts change. Once a year, all committee members will be contacted and asked to update their form if any changes have occurred since the previous submittal. This form is now linked to your AIHA member profile.


Renew Your Local Section Membership

AIHA gives you the option to renew your local section membership directly through us. You can renew online through your member portal or contact us via email or phone.

2022 TVS-AIHA PDC & Conference

Date: Wednesday, Mar. 9- 11, 2022

Time: 7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Event Type: Events/Activities
Registration is now open and in-person, live-virtual, and post-event virtual platforms available!
Technical talks include: Managing the Ergonomic Process, IH Risk Assessment Tools, AIHA Ethics, Confined Space Rescue, Insight on Overseeing Construction Safety Oversight During a Pandemic, and more!
Visit their website to learn more!


Open Call for Volunteers: AIHA Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG)

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) is seeking three new members to serve on the Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG). The Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG) provides input and advice to the AIHA board and staff regarding the association's body of content on industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety. Applications are to be submitted via the following online application form. Applications will be accepted until 5 PM ET on March 1.

New Video: How OEB Can Help You Keep Workers Safe

AIHA’s new instructional video explains the three tiers of OEBs and how they are used by industrial hygienists (IH) and occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals to better identify hazardous materials for employees and workers at the workplace. For an overview of exposure banding including AIHA’s two new instructional videos, visit aiha.org/oeb.


New AIHF Scholarships!

The Bill Cleary Memorial Scholarship—established by MIHS (Michigan IH Society).
Monica Melkonian Memorial Scholarship—as a tribute to Monica's legacy, this scholarship is made possible by her family, friends, and peers, including her husband, Stan Thomas.
Eric N. Brown Scholarship—this scholarship is made possible thanks to a generous donation from Eric N. Brown, DrPh, CIH, CSP.

Thank You for Your End of Year Contributions to AIHF

Without your generous donations throughout the year, we wouldn’t be able to offer needed scholarships to qualifying students. The future of the profession depends on the students becoming OEHS professionals.


A Year of Service and Strength in Government Relations

By Mark Ames, Director of Government Relations
Amazingly, another year has nearly come and gone, leaving in its wake memories that we will cherish. Let’s review what we’ve accomplished together in 2021, working with policymakers to advance public policies that protect workers and their communities.

NIOSH Releases Future of Work Initiative Research Agenda

NIOSH has published an agenda outlining the research priorities of its Future of Work Initiative, a program introduced in 2019 to address occupational health and safety (OHS) research needs related to ongoing and emerging changes in work, the workplace, and the workforce. According to NIOSH, the initiative’s vision is “to prepare the occupational safety and health ecosystem for a safer, healthier, and more productive future.” In support of this vision, the new Future of Work Initiative Research Agenda describes an organized approach for considering safety and health issues affecting workers soon, with applications in OHS practice, policy, and capacity-building.

OSHA Withdraws COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard for Healthcare Settings

OSHA has withdrawn the non-recordkeeping portions of its COVID-19 emergency temporary standard (ETS) for healthcare settings, the agency announced in a statement on December 27. The COVID-19 healthcare ETS, which went into effect on June 21, was intended to protect healthcare workers from contracting SARS-CoV-2 in settings were suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients are treated.


Adapting Your Ergonomics Program to the Hybrid Work Environment

February 3, 2022 | 1:00 – 2:30 PM ET Earn 1.5 Contact Hours

More companies are exploring the potential benefits of permanent telework policies due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting quarantine. Register now to learn more about preparing for and managing new hybrid workplace environments. REGISTER NOW

Assessment, Remediation, and Post-Remediation Verification of Mold in Buildings 

March 3, 2022 | 1:00 - 2:30 PM ET 
Earn 1.5 Contact Hours 
Maintain a safe working environment for you, your co-workers, and your community with a review of the comprehensive resource covering the best practice of managing indoor mold: Assessment, Remediation, and Post-Remediation Verification of Mold in Buildings, 2nd edition. Register for the webinar only or bundle your registration with the book for a $20 savings! REGISTER NOW

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
March 21-24, 2022

Safex, Inc.
Immerse your staff in IH principles and practices with Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, a four-day training course offering sampling and workshop sessions, hands-on lab experiences, demo sessions, and problem-solving exercises.

Earn Up to 24 Contact Hours with an eLearning Subscription

An AIHA University eLearning Subscription is perfect for individuals and organizations looking for cost-effective training on the latest OEHS topics. You can earn up to 24 contact hours with flexible access to select AIHA education webinars and AIHce OnDemand recordings. Train your entire team for the cost of one subscription, with pricing conveniently tailored to your group size. Or spend less than $21 per contact hour when you subscribe as an individual! Subscribe for the 2022 program. SUBSCRIBE NOW

AIHce EXP 2022 Advance Registration Open!
AIHA brings you quality OEHS education from leading experts, discover new technologies, and connect with thousands of your colleagues, all in one place. Register by March 20, 2022, for the best rates! Learn more!

PSX 2021 On Demand Package
Earn Up to 27 Contact Hours

Catch up on the latest best practices in product stewardship with this collection of sessions from PSX 2021. PSX is where product stewards and experts across multiple industries converge to exchange bold new ideas shaping the product stewardship landscape. The full package includes access to the following for 1 year from date of purchase. Ready to learn?