May 27, 2021

Quick Takes June 2021

Important Dates and Deadlines:

AIHA Annual Business Meeting Please register today! - June 1

2022 AIHce EXP Call for Proposals – Opens June 7

Mentoring Townhall - June 22

World Health Summit Regional Meeting - June 27-30

AIHA Groups Officer Trainer – Includes New Material! - June 30

OH2021 Conference (BOHS) - June 28-July 1

IOHA 2021: Bridging Gaps in OH Development, Opening New Horizons - September 11-15

Membership Town Hall: CPAG - September 14

PSX 2021 - September 28-30

33rd International Congress on Occupational Health 2021 (ICOH 2021) - February 6-11, 2022


NIOSH Looking for Partners

NIOSH is interested in finding partners who can provide access to workplaces for investigation in the various study and workplace areas; providing information about its research in these areas; and identifying Apps that would help you in your work.

2022 AIHce EXP Call for Proposals

The 2022 Call for Proposals system opens on June 7. The deadline for submissions is September 15. For more information on topics, session types, proposal requirements, and more visit  

BCSP Board of Directors Seeking Nominations for Director Position(s)

BCSP is seeking nominations for Director positions for the BCSP Board of Directors that will become vacant at the end of 2021. The vacant position(s) will be filled from a pool of candidates nominated by BCSP endorsing organizations and other CSPs interested in volunteering their service to BCSP. The Board will elect the new Director(s) before the November 2021 BCSP Board of Directors meeting. Deadline: June 15.


AIHce EXP 2021 Platform Available to Attendees till July 9th

ATTENTION AIHce EXP 2021 Attendees. The platform for the Virtual AIHce EXP 2021 Conference will be accessible to you until July 9, 2021. You can access our education sessions, Lunch and Learns and the Learning Pavilions at your leisure. The Expo Hall will also be accessible, and you can reach out to our exhibitors to learn more about their products and services. To access the conference platform, you can use your AIHce EXP login credentials. Remember: you will need to view the education sessions from the AIHce EXP platform to earn the contact hours.

Meet John Mulhausen, AIHA President 2021-2022

SynergistNOW by Ina Xhani, AIHA Communication Specialist
In early June 2021, AIHA’s new Board president for the 2021-2022 term will assume his term during the association’s annual business meeting. John R. Mulhausen, Ph.D., CIH, CSP, FAIHA, an AIHA member since 1980, was elected to the Board as vice president in 2019. I reached out to Mulhausen for a conversation about his experiences with AIHA and his vision for the coming year.

AIHA Issues Guidance to Protect Volunteers from COVID-19 During Natural Disaster Response and Recovery

AIHA has published recommendations designed to protect unpaid natural disaster response volunteers from COVID-19. These free guidelines also provide volunteers with information about how volunteer organizations operate during a response to severe natural disasters including hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and more. Learn more.

Workplace Health and Safety Organizations: Urgent Clarification Needed on CDC Guidance for Fully Vaccinated People

AIHA and eight leading organizations, representing approximately 1 million union workers and experts in occupational and environmental health and safety, have sent a letter to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), urging agency leaders to work with them to clarify what the new CDC guidance for fully vaccinated people means for all workplaces. LEARN MORE.

Occupational Health Experts Recommend New Guidelines to Prevent Workplace Illness and Injury

AIHA announced new guidelines for developing health metrics in workplaces. The leading health metrics guidelines are designed to prevent workplace illness and injury, with an overarching goal for workers to return home as healthy as when they came to work. Best Practice Guide for Leading Health Metrics in Occupational Health and Safety Programs is a guide for both practitioners and managers in the broad occupational health community, including industrial hygiene, occupational medicine, occupational health nursing, engineering, and human resources.

AIHA Honors Mark Cuban with Inaugural Workplace Health Public Influencer Award

AIHA announced investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban as the recipient of the inaugural Workplace Health Public Influencer Award, citing Cuban’s assistance in promoting AIHA's Back to Work Safely initiative. This initiative provides small businesses and consumers with expert, industry-specific guidance on safely reopening and reengaging with the public as COVID-19 closures lift. LEARN MORE.

Learning Management System (LMS) Upgrade

With online learning on the rise, it’s more important than ever that our online classroom is user-friendly, reliable, and meets the needs of the busy OEHS professionals we serve. To continue to support the needs of our learners, we will be upgrading our learning management system (LMS) in June 2021. To prepare you for this upgrade, we wanted to give you a sense of what will change, what will stay the same, and what actions you might want to take. LEARN MORE.

Member Resources

What are the Benefits of Organizational Membership?

Organizational membership offers the organization its own set of benefits as well as benefits for the 3 full individual memberships:

The organization receives:

• A webinar of choice
• One AIHce OnDemand Bundle
• Listing on the Online Organizational Membership Directory
• 10% 1st Marketplace publication order
• Use of AIHA Organizational Member Logo
• Organizational Membership Certificate

Individual benefits:

• Subscriptions to electronic editions of The Synergist and Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (including archives)
• Access to Catalyst
• Access to the Online Membership Directory
• Access to the AIHA Mentoring Program
• All additional benefits associated with an e-international membership

New AIHA Mentoring Program Tips

There is so much you can do using the new AIHA Mentoring Program, like setting goals, assigning lessons, scheduling meetings, create an agreement, attach files, and give feedback. Simply click on your mentor or mentee’s profile card and then select from the top menu.

Don’t know how to enroll? Simply visit the AIHA mentoring page on Catalyst on how to join. If you have any questions or need help getting started, please contact, Gouhar Nayeem for more information.

Discover New Goals and Career Opportunities

SynergistNOW by Gouhar Nayeem, AIHA Membership Marketing Specialist
For those just beginning their careers, insight from seasoned professionals can be invaluable. Mentorship helps us broaden our horizons, avoid mistakes, pursue opportunities, make connections, and perhaps alter our career paths. It gives the younger generation a chance to learn from others’ experiences and navigate the professional waters with the tools they need to be successful. 


Micro-Volunteering for AIHA

The term "micro-volunteering" refers to volunteer opportunities to complete small tasks necessary for the success of a larger project or goal. The opportunities typically take only minutes or an hour to complete and don't require a long-term commitment. For a list of micro-volunteering opportunities, visit the micro-volunteering page.


20% OFF Quality Science-Based Education

If you missed the AIHA University discounts offered via Virtual AIHce EXP, there’s still time to stock up and save! Just use CONF21 to take 20% off select education products through June 30. SHOP NOW!


It’s Not Too Late to Join the AIHF Fun Run

Help us reach the goal of raising $20,000 in donations for scholarships by registering by June 8 to participate in this years’ virtual fun Run. Get your sneakers out and get moving! We still have a few t-shirts left for enrolling participants on a first come first serve basis.

A special thank you to our Fun Run sponsors!

Premier: Amazon
Silver: Alliant, Steel Dynamics, and VelocityEHS
Bronze: Chubb, Cority, and Half Draft Acres

New- Monica Melkonian Scholarship

new endowed scholarship is being set up to honor the legacy of Monica Melkonian. Monica was a member of the AIHA Confined Spaces Committee, Computer Applications Committee, and a 2005 graduate of our Future Leaders Institute (FLI). The scholarship is being set up by her husband, Stan Thomas. The scholarship will be given to women seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree in Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, or Environmental Health.

Future Leaders Institute 2022

Future Leaders Institute brings together select early career professionals with 3-10 years of related work experience from around the world, to strengthen their leadership skills through an intense, three-day program. The program focuses on four main areas: interpersonal perspectives, organizational perspectives, collaborative and teamwork efforts, and managing the future. Please support Future Leaders Institute by making a charitable donation through AIHF.

AIHF Scholarships for 2021

The Foundation will be distributing $118, 975 in scholarships available for 49 students. The mission of the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF) is to advance the profession by awarding scholarships for funding education and professional development in industrial hygiene and related disciplines.


Total Exposure Health: What Workers and Employers Need to Know

In this episode of 5 on the Frontline with Mark Ames, Mark talks with Kirk Phillips, chair of AIHA’s Total Exposure Health/Total Worker Health Advisory Group and member of the ASSP Total Worker Health taskforce about what workers and employers need to know when it comes to Total Exposure Health. Click here to listen to this episode.


The Saga of OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard on COVID-19

By Mark Ames, AIHA Director, Government Relations
The meeting with the White House Office of Management and Budget began at about 2 p.m. on Wednesday, May 5. Subject matter experts from about a dozen AIHA volunteer groups had gathered to present their views on the content of OSHA’s forthcoming emergency temporary standard (ETS) on occupational exposure to COVID-19. This was our latest step in a months-long journey, which began when President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order requiring the U.S. Department of Labor to issue an ETS on COVID-19 by March 15, 2021.

AIHA Has Joined The High-Performance Buildings Coalition (HPBC)

AIHA has joined the High-Performance Buildings Coalition (HPBC). The group is “a coalition of approximately 200 organizations that provides guidance and support to the High-Performance Buildings Caucus of the U.S. Congress.” The focus of our involvement will be construction/infrastructure and OEHS. ASHRAE created this group and I co-led it when I represented ASHRAE. They are an influential group and fantastic networking opportunity that will help us promote our infrastructure priorities with Congress, which is why we’re joining them now.

For additional information, please visit their website at Mark can be reached at [email protected].


Online Community Resource

The Catalyst Open Forum is a member-driven portal featuring a wealth of information and resources.

1) Bipolar Ionization - DEBUNKED!
2) Ductless Fume Hoods in Business and Industry
3) Ventilation for Diacetyl Exposure
4) Hearing Protection Devices Fit Testing
5) The Illusion and Consequences of Double Masking

Check out the top discussion threads going on right now or start your own!

AIHA Code of Conduct for Members, Volunteers, and Related Communities

Catalyst is a professional, scientific-based online community and as such, users are expected to act professionally, including behaviors that are courteous and considerate, and communications that are strictly scientific, fact-based, and politically neutral. Catalyst is not the platform to express opinions without regard to any scientific foundation that can cause confusion to the public or disaffect members.


OSHA Tells Employers to Follow CDC Mask Guidance
Bloomberg Law
The federal government’s workplace safety agency, OSHA, has instructed employers to follow the new CDC mask guidance for people fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Journey to Your Best Self
The Synergist
Tim Paz, CIH and Amy McCae
Industrial hygienist Tim Paz met Amy McCae, a mindfulness training expert and life coach, through LinkedIn. Amy and Tim agreed to recreate their discussions about industrial hygiene and the benefits of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, or EI, for The Synergist. This article explores the potential for OEHS professionals to use mindfulness and EI to address challenges in both their personal lives and in their jobs.

AIHA: Urgent Clarification Needed On CDC Guidance For Fully Vaccinated People
AIHA, together with eight additional organizations, has sent a letter to CDC and the U.S. Department of Labor, urging agency leaders to clarify what the new CDC guidance for fully vaccinated people means for all workplaces.

Four Tips to Protect Workers from Dangerous Manufacturing Dust
Sponsored by Camfil APC
By Andy Thomason
Many industries have a common challenge: dust generated from manufacturing and processing operations threatens worker health and facility safety. To maintain air quality, facility operators must collect and contain airborne dust particles to protect employees and meet regulatory compliance. Here are five steps facility managers and production engineers can take to control nuisance and hazardous dusts.

Communicating About Vaccines
By Ed Rutkowski, AIHA Editor-in Chief
As of May 1, roughly 45 percent of the U.S. population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 32 percent are fully vaccinated. Balancing these encouraging numbers are data indicating that the rate of vaccinations administered has slowed over the last few weeks: as of April 30, the most recent day for which such data are available, the seven-day moving average of total doses administered was just over 2.1 million, falling steadily from a high of 3.27 million on April 11.

Building Better IH Tools: Results from the Tech Tools Survey
By Felix Boachie, MS, CIH, CSP and Brandi E. Kissel, CIH
In April 2020, AIHA’s Technology Initiatives Strategic Advisory Group distributed the Tech Tools Survey to the AIHA membership. The survey was intended to informally assess the state of the currently existing industrial hygiene tools developed by AIHA volunteer groups and members. Additionally, the survey aimed to determine if any existing tools should be made available in other formats and identify whether any new tools need to be developed.