October 26, 2022

Quick Takes - November 2022

Important Dates and Deadlines:

Virtual PDC Week: Fall 2022November 7-11
Equitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Protections WorkshopNovember 8-9
ERC Webinar: Assessment of Chemotherapy Drugs in Occupational SettingsNovember 8
ACGI's Fundamentals in Industrial VentilationNovember 14-18
Data Stewardship for Chemical CompaniesNovember 16
ERC Webinar: Health Disparities in Meat PackingNovember 16
Asia Pacific Occupational Safety & Health OrganizationNovember 23-25
2022 Northeast Industrial Hygiene Conference and ExpositionDecember 2
AIHA Named Awards Nominations (Deadline)December 30
AIHA Fellows Nominations (Deadline)December 30
AIHce Pop-Up Education Abstract Submissions (Deadline)January 18
ASSP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summit 2023January 26
Reckitt Global Hygiene Institute (RGHI) Global Hygiene Summit 2023February 15-16
IAQA 2023 Annual Meeting & ExpoFebruary 19-23


Join the AIHA PR(IH)DE Special Interest Group Today!

The mission of the AIHA PR(IH)DE SIG is to support and promote the professional growth and development of those in the OEHS field who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and all other sexual orientations and gender identities, as well as their allies/supporters, through networking, mentorship, and research. Membership is open to all AIHA members in good standing who strive to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in the OEHS profession and their associated practices. If you have questions, please contact  Laurie Mutdosch, CAE, AIHA's Director of Membership & Professional Communities.

AIHA Named Awards Nomination Portal is Now Open

AIHA invites you to acknowledge a peer or colleague whose vision and exceptional contributions have made a profound and distinguished impact through technical achievements, social responsibility, demonstrating practical application of OEHS knowledge, advancing the practice of Total Worker Health, expanding the profession through active collaboration via alliances and partnerships, and creating tools applicable beyond the OEHS profession. View the AIHA Named Awards Policy. To nominate, visit the Nomination Portal. Nominations close Friday December 30. If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Mutdosch, CAE.

Open Call for AIHA Fellows Nominations

We are now accepting nominations for AIHA Fellows. The renowned AIHA Fellows designation recognizes those who are AIHA members in good standing, have 15 years of continuous full membership, and have made recognized contributions to industrial hygiene or related disciplines. Nominations must be received by December 30. Any nominations received after this date will not be considered. All nominations will be evaluated by the Fellows Selection Committee, and recommendations will be sent to the AIHA Board of Directors for review and approval. The Fellow designation is limited to five percent of the AIHA. Please contact Janice Allen or Laurie Mutdosch, CAE, to check the nominee membership qualification.

Become an AIHA Brand Ambassador

Over the last two years, AIHA has developed and launched the Worker Health Safety initiative focused on educating employers in the construction, chemical manufacturing, and first responder industries about the value OEHS professionals bring to their organizations. We couldn’t have done it without our Brand Ambassadors, industry experts who share their expertise on how OEHS professionals add value to a company in a specific area. They are critical to the success of the Worker Health and Safety initiative, working with our team to develop content, conduct media interviews, author articles, and speak at relevant conferences. This year we will be adding new industries to our outreach efforts. If you want to learn more about how you can become an AIHA Brand Ambassador, please visit our website, or contact Sue Marchese Lewis, AIHA Managing Director, Strategic Communications & External Affairs.

Open Call for Authors of The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management

The Editor of the fourth edition of The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management (“The White Book”) and AIHA Press are seeking potential authors interested in contributing to the book. Authors are needed for two new technical content areas, Public Health and Control by Design, in a context relevant to an industrial hygiene or OEHS professional. The White Book remains an essential core reference for occupational health and safety practitioners, educators, and students. The book includes comprehensive information on hazard recognition and evaluation, physical agents, the human environment, controlling the occupational environment, program management, and much more. Applications are accepted until the position is filled. Apply by using the links below:

1. Open Call for Content Authors of The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management-Public Health Section

2. Content Authors of The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management - Control by Design Section

Equitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Protections Workshop

The NIOSH Personal Protective Technology Program will host a two-day virtual workshop on November 8th and 9th from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM ET. to highlight ongoing activities and discuss prominent issues regarding the equitable PPE protections of all United States workers. The workshop will address issues pertinent to underserved PPE user groups related to the equitable PPE use, availability, accessibility, acceptability, or knowledge. Underserved PPE user groups may include workers who are of an atypical size; members of a gender, racial, ethnic, or linguistic minority group; perform nontraditional worker activities; or are members of subdisciplines that are not the primary focus of the current PPE activities within their larger field. Please pre-register for each day individually on the workshop homepage or by using the registration links below:

Register for Day 1 - November 8th (10am-2pm ET) 

Register for Day 2 - November 9th (10am-2pm ET)


NEW Episodes from AIHA Healthier Workplace Show

AIHA’s new podcast, Healthier Workplaces Show, is a program dedicated to highlighting the efforts of industry professionals who protect our workers and their communities from occupational and environmental hazards. The third episode of the Healthier Workplaces Show, features Tim Paz, CIH, and Amy McCae, authors of the May 2022 Issues of The Synergist’s cover story, Harnessing the Hidden Power of Empathy, how it can lead to effective leadership and greater compassion from OEHS professionals. Paz and McCae take a deep dive into why you need to be thinking both strategically AND empathetically with your audience and why it matters to them when you deliver a message.

Dina Siegel, AIHA's President-Elect, and Nicole Greeson, AIHA's Vice President are guests on Episode 4 of the Healthier Workplaces Show. They discuss some of the leadership challenges they faced during their IH/OEHS careers. Discuss this episode and more in both the Catalyst and Healthy Indoors communities.

AIHA Video Series Showcase Teaser

AIHA, in partnership with dBase Media, presents a unique online video program that shines a light on the occupational and environmental health and safety industry. This series captures the pride of a profession that not just keeps workers safe but also strives to actively improve their wellbeing and those of the communities they serve. From disaster planning, response, and recovery to the protection of workers in all settings in every corner of the world (and sometimes even beyond it!). This video series highlights the invaluable role OEHS professionals play in creating healthier workplaces and a healthier world. Check out AIHA Network today!

AIHA Ambassador Program

Are you an AIHA member who resides, works, or has business dealings in Mexico, or Brazil? This important program provides a voice for those who work in the OEHS profession in other countries, identifies the need for OEHS capacity building, and helps AIHA to provide and develop education, products, services, and resources for the needs of an international community. If you have questions, please contact Gouhar Nayeem, AIHA Membership Marketing Specialist.

AIHA’s Mark Ames to Join Board of Directors of [Re]Build America’s School Infrastructure Coalition

AIHA is proud to announce that Mark Ames, Director of Government Relations, has joined the board of directors of the [Re]Build America’s Schools Infrastructure Coalition’s (BASIC). This non-partisan coalition of civic, public sector, labor, and industry associations aims to secure federal funding to help under-served public school districts modernize and build K-12 public school facilities. Ames first got involved with BASIC in 2021. Since then, he has been involved with the coalition’s federal advocacy, safety and design, strategic planning, and membership growth activities.

CDC Awards $110,000 to AIHA for Public Education Resources Combatting Airborne-Transmitted Diseases

AIHA, the association for scientists and professionals committed to preserving and ensuring occupational and environmental health and safety in the workplace and community, has received a notice of award for $110,000 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Distributed under CDC’s program “Improving Clinical and Public Health Outcomes Through National Partnerships to Prevent and Control Emerging Infectious Disease Threats,” these funds will enable AIHA to develop public education resources preparing society to prevent airborne disease transmission in future pandemics. This grant is the second awarded by CDC to AIHA, following $510,000 in funding issued under the same program in early 2021.

AIHA Receives $10,000 Donation from American Chemistry Council

AIHA is pleased to announce that the AIHA Guideline Foundation has been awarded $10,000 by the American Chemistry Council (ACC). This donation will support the AIHA Guideline Foundation’s Emergency Response Planning Guidelines (ERPGs) program, which provides community-based air concentration guidelines for single exposures to hazardous chemical agents. ERPGs are intended for use as tools to assess the adequacy of accident prevention and emergency response plans; they are instrumental in transportation emergency planning, community emergency response plans, and incident prevention and mitigation.

New Virtual and Augmented Realities for OEHS Professionals

By Bradley King, PhD, CIH and Michael Groh, CIH, CSP

Emerging technologies are becoming more readily available for use by occupational and environmental health and safety professionals as tools to ensure safe and healthy work environments. These technologies include virtual reality (VR) and the closely related augmented reality (AR). VR and AR are just two of several workplace technology solutions that the National Safety Council (NSC) has identified in its Work-to-Zero program, an ambitious project intended to help workplaces and OEHS professionals identify and implement innovative technology solutions to eliminate workplace fatalities. NSC describes VR training technology as “typically using a head-mounted display to immerse a user into a computer-generated environment, often with a full 360-degree view.” In contrast, AR, also known as mixed reality, “allows for the overlay of video, sounds, or graphics to help train or inform users while they experience a real-world view or interact with objects.” Read more here.

AIHA President Donna Heidel and Director of Government Relations Mark Ames to Speak a NEIHce

The 2022 Northeast Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition will be held on December 2, at the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal. Nationally recognized presenters have been invited including AIHA president Donna Heidel and Director of Government Relations, Mark Ames. Earn CM points for re-certification as a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and network with your regional colleagues. NEIHce offers a selection of sessions that will allow you to expand your expertise, explore new topics, and help advance your career. Register today! 

Change of Address―AIHA Headquarters Moves to Cost-Effective Workspace

With most AIHA staff taking advantage of the opportunity to work remotely, the larger office space was no longer needed. With that in mind, AIHA is in the process of moving to a more cost-effective workspace. The new address is 3120 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 360, Falls Church, VA 22042.

Advertise in the AIHA Consultants Listing

An exclusive member opportunity
The AIHA Consultants Listing is a low-cost solution to grow your business and is a trusted resource for those looking to connect with qualified OEHS professionals. List your business in the 2023 digital or online directory today! The deadline to be included in the full digital listing is December 15, 2022. Learn more.


Renew your AIHA Membership Today!

AIHA membership renewals for 2023 are open! As this year is coming to an end, we have accomplished so much. Our award-winning publications, exclusive webinars, research priorities, online community, career pathways, and so much more have kept us on the front lines of protecting worker health and safety. As you further your purpose, we're committed to your success!

RENEW before 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on December 31 to receive a complimentary copy of a brand-new ebook in the Essentials collection, titled The Essentials of OEHS Communication (valued at $19.95).

AIHA’s New Organizational Group Membership

By Gouhar Nayeem, AIHA Membership Marketing Specialist

AIHA is now offering organizational group membership as a cost-effective way of bundling multiple individual AIHA memberships into one organizational membership. Previously, organizational membership cost $999 for three individual memberships and additional organizational benefits. However, AIHA listened to members’ feedback and made membership more cost-effective than ever.

As part of the AIHA family, you can expect top-tier benefits and resources that will help you keep your workforce healthy and safe.

Top Five Benefits of AIHA Membership

By Gouhar Nayeem, AIHA Membership Marketing Specialist

As membership renewals are underway, if you’re wondering how to make the most of your AIHA membership, I’ve compiled a list of AIHA’s top five member benefits, based on the results of our 2020 Membership survey on what our members said matters most, read what they are.


Check out and contribute to the new discussion threads in the members-only Catalyst Open Forum! Make sure you’re logged in to gain access.

Bone Conducting Headphones
8-Hour TWA
Seeking EHS Training Requirements by Country
Brick Wall Containing Asbestos


The Evolution of Commit to C.A.R.E.

By Larry Sloan, MBA, FASAE, CAE

Many of you are likely aware that AIHA received grants totaling $510,000 from CDC in 2021 under its project titled “Improving Clinical and Public Health Outcomes through National Partnerships to Prevent and Control Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Disease Threats.” As a result of AIHA’s Back to Work Safely initiative deployed during the early months of the pandemic, NIOSH advocated on our behalf to help us secure this funding. Read the rest of the article!


Do you know about AIHA’s Hamilton Club and our partners? Within this exclusive sponsorship experience lies a coterie of industry partners currently engaging with AIHA on the highest levels and on a multitude of platforms. Just as Alice Hamilton's work exerted a profound influence on the field of industrial hygiene, AIHA considers its top participants as thought leaders and contributors who, through their innovation and expertise, are shaping the future of the profession. Their engagement across our enterprise, helps us to better serve our members and the extended IH community. Many are active in our local chapters – if you meet one, please thank them for their support! Want to find out how you can become a Hamilton Club Partner, contact Laura Cilano Garcia.


Mentoring: Something for Everybody

By Ina Xhani, AIHA Communication Specialist
Many professionals have learned so much from their career that the next logical step is sharing those experiences with others. Then there are those who are looking for someone more seasoned to help them navigate the rough waters of the profession. Bringing these people together is the goal of AIHA’s Mentoring Program, which provides student members and early- to mid-career professionals with experienced mentors to assist in their career development and to offer professional guidance.

AIHF Scholarship Application Portal Now Open!

The American Industrial Hygiene Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications for the Fall 2023 semester. All materials must be completed in full in order to be considered for all scholarships for which one is eligible. Application deadline is February 6, 2023. If you have questions, please contact Thursa La, AIHA Senior Manager, AIHF.

More Opportunities to Present at AIHce EXP 2023

AIHce EXP is the perfect setting for students and OEHS professionals of all career levels to share ideas and expand their expertise.

We are still accepting proposals for the following presentation types:

Pop-up education sessions offer an interactive and casual way to share your knowledge with your peers. The deadline to submit is January 18, 2023.

Student posters and presentations allow students to bolster their presentation skills, deepen their knowledge, and build their network as they prepare to enter the workforce. The deadline to submit is March 15, 2023.

Learning pavilion sessions include sponsored content addressing topics within OEHS and can be delivered in any format from the traditional lecture to interactive problem solving and more.


Product Stewardship Society Announces Members of 2022–2023 Board of Directors

On October 20, the Product Stewardship Society officially installed its Board of Directors for the 2022–2023 term during PSX, the society’s annual conference. Lisa Mare Nespoli, CPPS, will serve as president-elect, while Lesa Rice-Jackson, PhD, CPPS, will assume the role of secretary/treasurer. Product Stewardship Society members Paul Ellis, Alison Gauthier, CIH, CPPS, and John Mikan, CIH, CPPS, have joined the board as new directors. John Hott, PhD, continues serving in the second year of his two-year term as Board president.

Armstrong to Receive the Allan K. Fleeger Distinguished Service Award

The Product Stewardship Society (PSS) is pleased to announce Tina Armstrong, PhD, as the 2022 recipient of the Allan K. Fleeger Distinguished Service Award. Tina is the fourth recipient of this award, which recognizes the invaluable contributions made by a product steward to support the growth and success of the Product Stewardship Society and the product stewardship profession.

CPPS—Certified Professional Product Steward

Earning the Certified Professional Product Steward (CPPS) credential demonstrates your knowledge and expertise essential to the best practice of product stewardship as well as your commitment to professional development and a code of ethics. The CPPS is administered by the Board for Global EHS Credentialing (BGC). More information on the requirements for applying for the credential can be found on the BGC’s website.


Understanding Exposure Statistics and Variability in IH - Fall 2022

Date: November 11, 2022, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. ET.
More information is coming soon!

ACGI's Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation

Date: November 14-18, 2022, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. ET.
ACGIH and BSOH partner to bring you Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation. Travel to Belgium and learn from the best ventilation experts and earn 35 contact hours!

Northeast Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition

Date: December 2, 2022, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. ET.
The NJ/NY/Philadelphia community will be hosting on December 2, an in-person all day event where our friend Dr. Emanuele Cauda will be presenting "The Adoption of Sensor Technologies in the Frame of Industrial Hygiene 4.0: NIOSH Visions and Future Directions".

CIHC Professional Development Seminar

Date: December 5-7
Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland, CA
Larry Sloan, MBA, FASAE, CAE, AIHA CEO and Donna Heidel, MS, CIH, FAIHA, AIHA President, to present.


Communicating OEHS Concepts Working Group

CPAG members are interested in forming a working group for the Communicating OEHS Concepts content priority. This priority focuses on developing the people skills of OEHS professionals to listen, relate, communicate, and collaborate effectively with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to promote the influence and value of the OEHS profession. If you’re interested in joining this working group, please contact Tara Laptew, Project Manager, Technical Initiatives.


Have Fun at Sporting Events—But Protect Your Hearing, Too

Ryanna Quazi, AIHA’s Advocacy Associate

According to OSHA, around 22 million workers are exposed to damaging noise every year. Hearing loss is particularly prevalent in the construction industry, where workers can be exposed to damaging noise from equipment for long periods. One CDC study has shown that 51 percent of all construction workers have been exposed to damaging noise, while in another study, 16 percent of participating construction workers had hearing loss in both ears. Read the rest of the article to find out how you can protect your hearing!


Cyber Week is Back

November 28 – December 2, 2022

The biggest sale of the year is almost here! Celebrate Cyber Monday all week long by taking 40% off select education products from AIHA University. There may even be a few surprises added in!

The sale starts Monday, November 28 with new products offered every day through Friday, December 2.

Stay tuned for updates!

2023 AIHA University eLearning Subscription Now Available!

Securing an eLearning Subscription is the best way to ensure your team has the training they need lined up for next year, at an affordable cost. Individuals can also subscribe for a significant savings – earn up to 24 contact hours for as little as $450.

Register before the end of the year to save with our early bird pricing!


Catch Up On Contact Hours with OnDemand

Access the highly rated education shared at AIHce EXP with the AIHce EXP 2022 Full OnDemand Package.

AIHce OnDemand session recordings bring the best of the conference to your desktop. With the full package, you have the potential to earn 100 contact hours. This package is only available through December 31, so get it today before it’s gone!


Virtual PDC Week: Fall 2022

November 7-11, 2022

Earn 7 Contact Hours per course

Earn valuable contact hours and gain knowledge that you can apply immediately to your practice as an OEHS professional!

There’s still time to register for one of our 4 instructor-led virtual courses offered this Fall, including live demonstrations, practice exercises, and group activities. The post-event recording is also included with your registration.


CIH Exam Prep Resources

Preparing to sit for the CIH exam can seem like a daunting process. But it doesn’t have to be!

AIHA University can help you prepare with convenient and affordable study materials. We’ve lined up some of the best resources to help you get ahead as you take this important step in your career.


FREE Online Course: Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions

Calling all OEHS students and professionals! Take AIHA's online course - Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions – to learn a basic understanding of the properties of lognormally distributed exposure profiles and how to use traditional and Bayesian statistical analysis tools to make accurate exposure risk decisions based on monitoring data. Upon completion of the course video series, you will have the knowledge needed for the successful completion of the exam for the AIHA Exposure Decision Analysis Registry.