PDCs are...

Held before and after the conference, on Saturday, Sunday, (May 30-31) and Thursday (June 4). These courses are in-depth, concentrated, formal learning experiences designed to broaden knowledge and enhance technical competence. A PDC can be a half-day, full-day, or two days in length.

PDCs offer you the opportunity to…

  • Engage others in thoughtful conversations and lively debates as you share points of view
  • Explore case studies, and learn from the real-world experiences of your peers
  • Present the results of your cutting-edge, scientific research, or introduce new concepts and approaches and spark discussions

We invite you to join thousands of OEHS professionals from around the world to discuss emerging issues, trends, the latest technology, and the best practices in IH and OEHS!

AIHce EXP’s PDCs meet the highest-quality educational standards and guidelines, providing opportunities for OEHS professionals to broaden their knowledge, enhance technical competence, and gain practical tools and skills. PDC attendees participate for the purpose of discovering new ideas and solutions they can apply in their own practice.

By presenting a PDC at AIHce EXP, you’ll gain prestige and credit for being a leader and expert in your field, AND you’ll appreciate the added benefits of:

  • Creating visibility for you and your organization/business
  • Garnering professional credibility for contributing to the profession's knowledge base
  • Building support and interest for topics you are passionate about
  • Increasing your recognition as an international OEHS educator
  • Shaping the next generation of OEHS professionals by sharing your expertise
  • Earning certification maintenance/professional development contact hours
  • Enhancing acknowledgement and assistance from your employer by gaining approval to attend
  • Expanding your network and knowledge through discussions of current issues and hot topics

What do past presenters say about AIHce EXP?

Here are some of the reasons AIHce EXP draws the best speakers from around the world, and why our registrants return year after year…

  • “It’s the best meeting to building professional credibility while contributing to the profession.”
  • “I get to share my expertise with other professionals who share my passion.”
  • “I get to reach an important international OEHS audience that I might not be able to connect with in any other venue.”
  • “I can interact with the next generation of OEHS professionals. I am energized by their passion and enthusiasm. I gain new viewpoints while being able to share my expertise and experiences with them.”