July 15, 2021

Healthier Workplaces, A Healthier World, an Occupational Safety Docuseries by the American Industrial Hygiene Association & dBase Media, Premieres July 15, 2021

Washington, D.C.– July 15, 2021— The professional association of occupational and environmental health and safety scientists is premiering an inspiring docuseries about the Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) industry and the impact on keeping workers and communities where they live healthy and safe. Healthier Workplaces, A Healthier World draws awareness on the many aspects for creating a healthy and safe workplace and the innovation taking place. The fifteen-episode series features key influencers from the OEHS industry discussing new standards in safety equipment, the impact of technology and why training and education are crucial for protecting a diverse workforce.

The program is presented by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and produced by dBase Media (DBM), both based in the Washington, D.C. area. AIHA is the premier professional association for health and safety scientists and professionals committed to preserving and ensuring occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) in the workplace and communities since 1933.

“AIHA members are passionate about making sure people return home from work healthy by reducing risks and safeguarding operations to help organizations operate efficiently and without interruption,” said Lawrence D. Sloan, CEO at AIHA. “OEHS is a burgeoning career for people interested in STEM and who want to make an impact on society.”

The AIHA and DBM leadership teams collaborated with thirteen leading institutions who influence industrial hygiene to share how they apply science to protect workers from occupational hazards in the workplace. Through the diverse contribution from industry authorities and leading academia, the result was the framework for this video series Healthier Workplaces, A Healthier World.

The AIHA film features:

  • Larry Sloan, AIHA CEO shares how the mission of AIHA is to protect all workers from occupational hazards and their vision of a world where all workers are healthy and safe,
  • Lucinette Alvarado, AIHA Board of Directors, talks about the importance of the profession defined by the diversity that’s expanding around the world and one of the main projects for AIHA,
  • Tim Paz, VP for National Hispanic Federal Executives, compares the industrial hygienist to a detective looking for issues, or chemicals in the workplace that are causing people to get sick.
  • Sue Marchese, AIHA Managing Director of Marketing and Communication, Courtney Tinner, AIHA Board of Directors, as well as AIHA members Vishal Nathu and Felix Boachie discuss the many professional opportunities in industrial hygiene that include an inclusive field to solve problems for numerous industries.

Other featured participants include:

  • Duke University Occupational and Environmental Safety Office discusses their dual role to safeguard patients, students, faculty, and the community while training and educating future OEHS leaders,
  • Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health Center for Occupational Health (ERC) shares how multiple disciplines from different backgrounds converge with one mission to improve the health and safety of the American & global workforce,
  • Chemscape Safety Technologies discusses how they use technology to simplify Safety Data Sheets, regulatory information, and industrial hygiene resources to enhance chemical safety and worker understanding of health hazards,
  • @Antea Group shares the critical role consultants play to support industrial hygiene in the workplace and the importance of a diverse and inclusive team to keep workers safe,
  • University of Illinois Chicago’s School of Public Health, Division of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, discusses how their diverse student body gains experience through collaboration with community groups to impact workers lives in the city’s industrial, occupational, and business landscape,
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania Safety Sciences Department shares how they provide practical training through real-life scenarios on a job site and how they analyze potential problems through IH profession expanding into diverse industries,
  • The University of Utah Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) talks about their team of nearly 50 safety professionals working together using science to analyze safety touchpoints for hundreds of labs spread across their campus,
  • The University of Cincinnati ERC talks about their multi-disciplinary approach bringing together research, faculty, students, and experienced professionals in Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety by combining both science and application,
  • The safety professionals at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), share how they ensure safety by partnering and supporting researchers at the laboratory working with trusted partners and trained EHS professionals to identify and control hazards,
  • Faculty and students from the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine sharing their history as a leader in the field of public health for more than 100 years and the exciting ways they are preparing students to work in environmental and industrial fields,
  • The Hartford shares how their risk engineering team mitigates claim loss using their state of the art technology, innovation, and a proactive approach to science, forensics and risks,
  • The University of Minnesota shares how their faculty in industrial hygiene, occupational environmental epidemiology, occupational injury prevention, occupational and environmental health nursing, occupational and environmental medicine, and safety, come together to deliver high-impact research and training to students.
  • Novartis shares how they apply science to reimagine the way safety hazards are evaluated to improve Chemical Safety, Radiation Safety, biosafety training, tracking metrics and data, incident investigation and more.

Watch the entire Healthier Workplaces, A Healthier World series here premiering July 15.

About AIHA

AIHA is the association for scientists and professionals committed to preserving and ensuring occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) in the workplace and community. Founded in 1939, we support our members with our expertise, networks, comprehensive education programs, and other products and services that help them maintain the highest professional and competency standards. More than half of AIHA's nearly 8,500 members are Certified Industrial Hygienists, and many hold other professional designations. AIHA serves as a resource for those employed across the public and private sectors and the communities in which they work. For more information visit https://aiha.org/

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