January 8, 2021

Worker Health and Safety Organization Calls for Action After Violence at U.S. Capitol

Susan Marchese, Managing Director,
Communications & Marketing, AIHA
(202) 256-8986 (Eastern Time)

(January 8, 2021 – Falls Church, VA) Workplace violence has been a serious problem in the U.S. for years. Each year, workplace violence results in hundreds of fatalities and thousands of nonfatal injuries. Despite the trauma caused by these incidents, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has no enforceable workplace violence prevention standard.

AIHA urges the U.S. Department of Labor to swiftly issue a new rule on workplace violence prevention. Members of Congress can help speed the rulemaking along by approving legislation requiring the Department to issue such a standard.

“The escalation in violence we have seen this past year, culminating in the tragic events at the U.S. Capitol this week, has no place in America. We can and must do better as a nation. These events must serve as a catalyst for OSHA to quickly move forward with a standard on violence in the workplace to better protect America’s workers,” stated AIHA Board President Lindsay Cook, CIH, CSP.

As AIHA states in its White Paper on the Prevention of Workplace Violence, “Workplace violence is a serious occupational hazard that is often predictable and preventable.”

AIHA Chief Executive Officer Lawrence D. Sloan echoed Cook’s statement: “Our thoughts are with the families of the innocent workers caught in the violent path of these protesters. These workers are part of AIHA’s family and community of care. It is imperative for members of Congress to approve legislation requiring OSHA to enact a standard about the prevention of workplace violence.”

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