This MS Excel spreadsheet tool includes HELP screens for its deterministic (single value inputs) and Monte Carlo Simulation (distributions of input values). It runs only in MS Excel (with macro-enabled mode) but requires no other software.

The tool uses information about the nature of the dermal toxicity and categorical choices for exposure factors such as dermal contact area, contact frequency, dermal retention time, dermal concentration/loading and dermal penetration potential. The factors are used in an algorithm to estimate the risk and plot it on risk grid. As such, an understanding the tool’s inputs as defined (including potential limitations) and resulting outputs can guide the user to decisions about controls or for more refined risk assessments. However, it is also important for the user to carefully read the available HELP screens, and to have an initial basic understanding of the definitions and inputs used and the potential complexities of the input selection process. When in doubt, an expert should be consulted regarding the selection of inputs and outcomes of the tool.

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