AIHA Steps Up

Realigning Strategies to Better Serve Members in the Pandemic

"While associations continue to struggle with engaging members in new ways, AIHA has turned the challenges of COVID-19 into an opportunity to connect and develop a renewed sense of energy... In many ways, AIHA leveraged COVID-19 to become more introspective and realigned its strategies to serve its members in ways never possible before the pandemic."


AIHA and ACOEM Webinar Recording

A joint webinar by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) and AIHA address the challenges that have come up in dealing with several aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

AIHA Partnership

National Safety Council: Employer Actions

Earlier in 2020, AIHA joined the National Safety Council's SAFER program, a multifaceted effort to help employers create safe workspaces in a post-coronavirus world. In July, NSC launched a national employer survey targeting safety and health decision-makers. This report is the result of their findings.

AIHA In the News

Wall Street Journal Project: New Normal of Everyday Life

AIHA was heavily involved in this special project feature by the Wall Street Journal, which looks in-depth at potential changes and guidelines for reducing worker and customer COVID-19 risk in a typical city block.

AIHA Resources

AIHA Guidance Included in US National Library of Medicine Resources

Eight of AIHA's recent COVID-19 guidance documents were recently added to the US National Library of MEdicine's Disaster Information Management Research Center, including "Personal Protective Equipment for SARS-CoV-2," "Effective and Safe Practices, Guidance for Custodians, Cleaning, and Maintenance Staff," and "Considerations on the Safe Use of UVC Radiation for Surface and Air Disinfection."

AIHA Contribution

ACS Chemical Health & Safety Highlights

New Health and Safety Guidelines and Resources for Chemical Manufacturers Help Keep Employees Safe Amid Covid-19.

AIHA in the News

Share your COVID-19 stories

We want to hear your stories about keeping workers safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a moment to share your story and inspire others!