Task Force

AIHA Joins National Safety Council SAFER Task Force

The "SAFER: Safe Actions for Employee Returns" initiative is a comprehensive, multifaceted plan developed to guide employers through the process of safely resuming traditional work and operations now and after the pandemic.

Joint Effort

AIHA and ACOEM Call for Donations

AIHA, ACOEM, and AHA have joined efforts urging members to make in-kind donations of any surplus PPE to help healthcare workers during this crisis, including respirators and P95, N99, N100, P95, P99, or P100 masks.

Resource Sharing

AIHA-ABSA International Joint Statement on Coronavirus

ABSA International and AIHA are sharing resources with each organization’s members and plan to continue collaborating to assist our members in the future as the COVID-19 crisis persists.

Government Relations

Influencing Federal Policy

OH&S Professionals Recognized as “Essential Workers” by the Federal Government

"This is why our members are so integral to the success of the global fight against the pandemic and the amazing work they’re doing every day to fight it," says Mark Ames, AIHA's Director of Government Relations. "It's a major win."

Influencing Policy

Industrial Hygienists are Considered “Essential Workers”

Members of Congress on the Federal and State levels are working on the fourth coronavirus aid package, and now is our time for maximum influence. See what's happening state-by-state.