Formaldehyde Fact Sheet

Chamber tests of flooring samples can produce accurate formaldehyde measurements, but they do not necessarily represent in-home conditions. Accurate evaluation of occupant exposure to formaldehyde emissions from laminate flooring in the home is challenging, and individual test results can be misleading without the proper context and interpretation.

This guide is intended to help you decide if you want to investigate a possible indoor formaldehyde problem that you suspect is attributable to laminate flooring. It will be important for you to:

  • Decide if there is sufficient evidence of the potential for indoor formaldehyde levels of concern to warrant investigative work.
  • Decide if testing, ventilation, waiting, or other remedies are needed.
  • Recognize when you should seek outside help.
  • Decide what expertise is required for testing or remediation.
  • Select an industrial hygiene consultant if necessary.
  • Determine the options to address the formaldehyde problem if one is confirmed to exist.
  • Confirm that the steps taken have addressed formaldehyde emissions successfully.

Download this free public guide to learn more about:

  • What formaldehyde is and its common sources in indoor air.
  • Possible health concerns in its usage in laminate flooring.
  • What can be done if your laminate flooring is subject to formaldehyde outgassing.
  • Additional information and resources about formaldehyde and laminate flooring.

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