Buy Quiet and Other Noise Control Methods in Construction


Construction, Noise

Arranger: N. Davis, OSHA, Bethesda, MD. Moderator: N. Davis, OSHA, Bethesda, MD. Monitors: W. Long, Eastern Research Group, Inc., Arlington, VA; J. McInnis, Boilermakers International, Fall River, NS, Canada.

Noise exposures in the construction industry are pervasive due to the broad use of power tools and equipment. Exposures are both continuous and intermittent (including impact noise) and result from power tools used by the worker as well as equipment and tools used by other nearby trades (bystander exposure). Regardless of regulatory requirements, efforts need to be implemented to manage and control noise exposures in the construction industry. In 2014, NIOSH initiated a Buy or Rent Quiet campaign to help guide these efforts. This roundtable explains the key concepts of Buy Quiet programs (Quiet by Design from the equipment manufacturer’s perspective) and identifies key constituencies. Other noise control methods that are appropriate for construction work are also discussed. Presentations are provided by NIOSH, an equipment manufacturer, a private sector owner’s perspective, and representatives from an OSHA state plan and labor.

Integrating Persuasion, Market Forces and OSHA’s Experience to Reduce Hearing Loss in Construction
M. Horowitz, CAL/OSHA, Oakland, CA.

Why Buy Quiet?
C. Hayden, NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH.

Noise in Construction: What’s Next?
S. Schneider, Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund, Washington, DC.

Power Tool Ergonomics: Vibration & Noise
K. Herbster, Atlas Copco Tools & Assembly LLC, Auburn Hills, MI.

Buy Quiet as Part of Construction Project Management
E. Satrun, ExxonMobil Corp., Mokena, IL.

Presented at AIHce 2015 in Salt Lake, Utah.​