Industrial Hygiene and Safety in Non-traditional Industries


Industrial Hygiene General Practice, Students and Early Career Professionals

Arranger: C. Hanko, Honeywell International, Phoenix, AZ. Moderator: B. Simmons, Cardno Chemrisk, San Francisco, CA. Monitors: S. Rodriguez, U.S. Army Public Health Command, Ft. Sam Houston, TX.

As safety and industrial hygiene professionals know, hazards exist in every industry and occupation. But are the hazards that must be addressed unique to heavy industry, or do non-traditional work environments face the same set of challenges? Have you ever wondered about the unique hazards associated with non-traditional work environments? The purpose of this roundtable is to learn about the hazards safety and IH professionals try to control in non-traditional settings, using movie sets, wineries, hotels/casinos, and historical government buildings as examples. Attendees will get a glimpse of how principles learned in school or in their own jobs are applied in environments that are a little more peculiar.

Industrial Hygiene for the Architect of the Capitol. 
T. Paz, Architect of the Capitol, Alexandria, VA.

Lights! Camera! Action! Motion Picture Opportunities in the Environmental and Safety Fields (Aka How Do You Teach Ergonomics to a Stunt Double and Fire Prevention to a Special Effects Artist?). 
M. Buckalew, ERM, Atlanta, GA.

Domestic and International Safety Auditing of Live Broadcasts/Developing IH & Safety Standards for Live Events. 
C. Merrifield, ERM, Melville, NY.

Industrial Hygiene Practice in the Insurance Industry. 
A. DeGuzman, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Woodbridge, VA.

Industrial Hygiene at a Winery. 
M. Terrell, E & J Gallo Winery, Modesto, CA.

A Tale of Two Careers. 
S. Thomas, Honeywell International, Phoenix, AZ.​

Presented at AIHce 2015 in Salt Lake, Utah.