What is #IAmIH?


Many people don't realize the integral role Industrial Hygiene (IH) professionals play in our daily lives. AIHA is working to change that!

Our members are everywhere and although they don't wear capes or badges, they protect workers around the world.

Did you save a life? Do you work in a cool, unique place? Are you a genius with analysis? Did you secretly save the world from a supervillain (or a super-virus)? Is there a unique challenge you face at your job? Do you visit interesting locales? Is your job super-rare, highly specialized, or intrinsic to your company’s operation? Are you motivated by something great? Did you create something innovative that has had an effect on worker safety?

AIHA is currently working on a short documentary highlighting the people behind the industrial hygiene profession, starring YOU! Watch for its debut at AIHce 2017 in Seattle, Washington.