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May 2013

Bias Sources and Corrections in TEOM Technology
By S.J. Page

Lead Concentrations and Labeling of New Paint in Cameroon
By P. Gottesfeld, G. Kuepouo, S. Tetsopgang, and K. Durand

Comparison of the DiSCmini Aerosol Monitor to a Handheld Condensation Particle Counter and a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer for Submicrometer Sodium Chloride and Metal Aerosols
By Jessica B. Mills, Jae Hong Park, and Thomas M. Peters

Effect of Clothing Layers in Combination with Fire Fighting Personal Protective Clothing on Physiological and Perceptual Responses to Intermittent Work and on Materials Performance Test Results
By Denise L. Smith, Jeannie M. Haller, Eric M. Hultquist, Wesley K. Lefferts, and Patricia C. Fehling

Predicting the Chemical Protection Factor of CBRN Protective Garments
By Davide Ambesi, Richard Bouma, Emiel den Hartog, and Chris R. Kleijn

Cardiopulmonary Fitness and Respirator Clearance: An Update
By Sheri Belafsky, Justin Vlach, and Stephen A. McCurdy

Case Study – Evaluation of Metal and Carbon Monoxide Exposures During Steel Slab Cutting and Slitting
By Gregory Burr, Judith Eisenberg, and SeungHee Jang​