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October 2014

Simulated Transfer of Liquids and Powders from Hands and Clothing to the Mouth
By Melanie Gorman Ng, Martie Van Tongeren, and Sean Semple

Rating Locomotive Crew Diesel Emission Exposure Profiles Using Statistics and Bayesian Decision Analysis 
By Paul Hewett and William H. Bullock

Evaluation of Particles Released from Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube/ Polymer Composites with or without Thermal Aging by an Accelerated Abrasion Test
By Lin Jiang, Akira Kondo, Masahiro Shigeta, Shigehisa Endoh, Mitsugu Uejima, Isamu Ogura, and Makio Naito

A Novel Method for Designing and Fabricating Low-Cost Facepiece Prototypes 
By Paula S. Joe, Phillip C. Shum, David W. Brown, and Claudiu T. Lungu

Vortex Ventilation in the Laboratory Environment
By Lawrence R. Meisenzahl

Evaluation of Engineering Controls for the Mixing of Flavorings Containing Diacetyl and Other Volatile Ingredients
By Deborah V. L. Hirst, Kevin H. Dunn, Stanley A. Shulman, Duane R. Hammond, and Nicholas Sestito

Replacing Effective Spectral Radiance by Temperature in Occupational Exposure Limits to Protect against Retinal Thermal Injury from Light and Near IR Radiation
By Faramarz Madjidi and Ali Behroozy