AIHA Members Featured on ABC News Segment on Mold Contamination

Posted June 5, 2013
Updated July 10, 2013
AIHA® members Richard J. Shaughnessy, PhD, and Bill Sothern, CIH, were recently featured in an ABC News primetime show called “The Lookout,” a rebranding of “Nightline.” The episode, which aired on Wednesday, May 29, investigated homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Shaughnessy and Sothern offered expert opinions on the extent of the damage and whether the clean-up crews' evaluations were honest ones. Another AIHA member, Josef Dumanov, appeared on the show as a mold inspector.
The network set up hidden cameras in a house that Shaughnessy and Sothern had cleared of mold contamination and then invited companies to assess the house and make recommendations regarding cleanup. Throughout the segment, Shaughnessy and Sothern shared tips on how homeowners can keep their homes and wallets safe throughout the process of mold inspection. Dumanov, one of the inspectors called to assess the house, found no mold during his inspection. But three of seven inspectors told the homeowner that mold remediation was needed, even though Shaughnessy and Sothern’s thorough inspection found no mold problem.
An article on details Shaughnessy and Sothern’s tips for consumers on protecting themselves during mold inspections. The full ABC News segment featuring Shaughnessy and Sothern is available on ABC News’ website in two parts:
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